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Building Super Mario Bros

This repository contains (almost) all of the necessary parts to build Super Mario Bros. from the disassembly by 1wErt3r.


  1. Install python3 and make

  2. Download a Super Mario Bros. ROM and place it under orig/SuperMarioBros.nes in this repository

    • Disclaimer: this may be illegal where you live, especially if you do not own the original game

    • Some ROMs I've tried do not seem to work properly and I don't know why. Try running this command against your ROM, if the output matches it'll probably work:

        $ head -c 16 orig/SuperMarioBros.nes | hexdump
        0000000 4e 45 53 1a 02 01 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
  3. Download the disassembly and place it under SMBDIS.ASM in this repository.

  4. Run make

  5. The game was assembled at build/game.nes


  • To 1wErt3r for the disassembly
  • To pellsson for writing a hacky but working assembler
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