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Quickly switch between AWS roles with fzf
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fzf AWS sts AssumeRole

A bash script to switch between AWS Roles quickly using fzf


  • Assume AWS role with minimum keystrokes
  • All AWS roles accessible in one place
  • Pre-selects last used account/role
  • Only requires user input if there are more than one accounts/roles


Most shells do not allow to set environments from sub-shells, so this script returns a string that can be evaluated in the current shell.

In bash this can be done with eval $(fastsar), in fish this can be done with eval (fastsar).

You can also bind the evaluation to some hotkey, like 'Alt+s'

  • bash: bind -x '"\es": eval $(fastsar)'
  • fish: bind \es 'eval (fastsar)'

If the script has problems detecting your shell, you can pass the shell's name as first parameter (e.g. fastsar fish).


Create a json file with all your accounts and roles in the following format in $HOME/.aws/sts.json (configurable as $CONF)

        "name": "Production",
        "id": "1234",
        "roles": [
        "name": "Testing",
        "id": "14253",
        "roles": [ "abc" ]
  • name: Some name for your account
  • id: The AWS account ID
  • roles: List of AWS role names you want to assume


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