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Add mention of state saving ability and Jalv as working host.

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@@ -18,10 +18,16 @@ to work, the host must:
* Pass the option to
-The plugin works properly, but currently lacks:
+The plugin works properly, but currently lacks any way to change configuration
+settings (e.g. gain, delay, channel mapping). A very basic GUI is included for
+loading an IR file, since LV2 hosts do not currently support string parameters
+in host generated UIs.
- * Any way to change configuration settings (e.g. gain, delay, channel map)
- * A decent GUI (a very basic GUI is included to load an IR file)
+Saving state, including proper file references, is supported via the LV2 state
+Currently, convoLV2 is known to work in
+[Jalv]( 1.2.0.
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