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2014-05-16 (v1.1.4) Robin Gareus <>
* rework endianess detection
* fix compile on systems w/o endian.h
* remove obsolte autotools macros
2013-11-09 (v1.1.3) Robin Gareus <>
* fixes for the release & test scripts (by Nils Philippsen)
* update links to releases in doc.
2013-09-06 (v1.1.2) Robin Gareus <>
* better BIG_ENDIAN detection (should fix mips, sparc, s390 builds)
* fix decoder_write_u16() -- use unsigned short
* allow to use buffersizes larger than 1024 samples with ltc_decoder_write_*
2012-11-18 (v1.1.1) Robin Gareus <>
* start LTC frame with rising edge
* fix typo in variable name and clarify documentation
2012-11-17 (v1.1.0) Robin Gareus <>
* non-backwards compatible API update for 12M-1999 spec additions
- rework encoder and frame inc/dec API.
- add support for TV-standard offset and binary-group-flags
* fix LTCFrame struct for big-endian architectures
* fix volume db calculation
* update default rise-time - 40us
* fix timezone 0x0a -> -0030
2012-11-09 (v1.0.3) Robin Gareus <>
* fix version-number in header (was stuck at 1.0.1)
* fix internal buffer size of non-integer fps
* add API call to reset encoder state
* reset encoder-state when calling reinit()
2012-11-06 (v1.0.2) Robin Gareus <>
* fix man-page doxygen minus vs hyphen issue
* allow to reset date parameters when assigning timecode|frame
* improve decoder audio-sample position accuracy:
take difference of current biphase count to nominal period
duration into account.
(thanks to Chris Goddard for OSC sample-sync measurements)
2012-11-03 (v1.0.1) Robin Gareus <>
* fix release tar-ball: remove cruft from test/
* fix typo in README and update description
* no code changes.
2012-11-02 (v1.0.0) Robin Gareus <>
* freeze interface defition - 1.0.0
* update doc
* minor tweaks and typos (OSX build,
printf size_t warning, LPGL boilerplate)
2012-10-25 (v0.8.1) Robin Gareus <>
* add interface to decode 16bit and 32bit float data
(wrappers around ltc_decoder_write() - internally 8 bit)
2012-10-24 (v0.8.0) Robin Gareus <>
* add input signal level to data-structure
* add interfaces to set encoder volume and filter
* adjust decoder biphase tracking (allow rounding down to 1 sample)
* use ltc_off_t for all (long long int)
2012-10-21 (v0.7.0) Robin Gareus <>
* add support for reverse encoding
* add interface to decrement encoder timecode
* rename interface to increment encoder timecode
2012-10-21 (v0.6.2) Robin Gareus <>
* fix ltc_encoder_encode_byte() return value
2012-10-21 (v0.6.1) Robin Gareus <>
* add realtime safe interface to change fps
* fix: set parity also when decrementing frame numbers
* update documentation - fix typos, clarificaions
2012-10-13 (v0.6.0) Robin Gareus <>
* set parity bit on encoding - keep polarity of the waveform constant
2012-10-09 (v0.5.3) Robin Gareus <>
* add interface to decrement timecode
2012-10-04 (v0.5.2) Robin Gareus <>
* expose detailed timing info in extended LTC Frame
allow to re-construct the phase of the signal
2012-08-23 (v0.5.1) Robin Gareus <>
* add ability to read reverse LTC
* use 64bit values (long long) for position offset
* minor fixes, typos, doc
2012-08-15 (v0.5.0) Robin Gareus <>
* refactored into libltc
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