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matrixmixer.lv2 is a matrix mixer :)

It is available as LV2 plugin and standalone JACK-application. The jack application can run headless and be remote controlled via OSC.


Compilation requires the LV2 SDK, jack-headers, gnu-make, a c-compiler, libpango, libcairo, openGL (sometimes called: glu, glx, mesa), and optionally libjack and liblo (for jack-app with remote-control)

git clone
cd matrixmixer.lv2
make submodules
#sudo make install PREFIX=/usr

Note to packagers: The Makefile honors PREFIX and DESTDIR variables as well as CFLAGS, LDFLAGS and OPTIMIZATIONS (additions to CFLAGS), also see the first 10 lines of the Makefile. You really want to package the superset of x42-plugins.

The number of I/O can be set at compile time using N_INPUTS and N_OUTPUTS make variables. The default is 8x8. Note that to change the size, a make clean is needed.


  • Click+drag or scroll-wheel on a knob to change gain
  • Left-click a control to invert polarity (knob turns red)
  • Middle-click on a knob to exclusively un/assigns it in the current row
  • Right-click on a knob to toggle current/default value (by default matching I/O on the diagonal is set to 0dB)



Compiled with make N_INPUTS=16 N_OUTPUTS=20