LV2 plugins to filter midi events
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LV2 plugins to filter MIDI events.

So far 29 MIDI event filters have been implemented:

  • CC2Note -- translate control-commands to note-on/off messages
  • Channel Filter -- discard messages per channel
  • Channel Map -- map any MIDI-channel to another MIDI-channel
  • Enforce Scale -- force midi notes on given musical scale
  • Eventblocker -- notch style message filter. Suppress specific messages
  • Keyrange -- discard notes-on/off events outside a given range
  • Keysplit -- change midi-channel number depending on note (and optionally transpose)
  • MapCC -- change one control message into another
  • Mapscale -- flexible 12-tone note map
  • Mapkeychannel -- 12-tone channel map.
  • Chord -- harmonizer - create chords from a single note in a given musical scale
  • Delay -- delay MIDI events with optional randomization
  • Dup -- unisono - duplicate MIDI events from one channel to another
  • Strum -- arpeggio effect intended to simulate strumming a stringed instrument (e.g. guitar)
  • Transpose -- chromatic transpose MIDI notes
  • Legato -- hold a note until the next note arrives
  • NoSensing -- strip MIDI Active-Sensing events
  • NoDup -- MIDI duplicate blocker. Filter out overlapping note on/off and duplicate messages
  • Note2CC -- convert MIDI note-on messages to control change messages
  • NoteToggle -- toggle notes: play a note to turn it on, play it again to turn it off
  • nTabDelay -- repeat notes N times (incl tempo-ramps -- eurotechno hell yeah)
  • Simple 1 Channel Filter -- convenient MIDI channel filter
  • Passthru -- no operation, just pass the MIDI event through (example plugin)
  • Quantize -- live midi event quantization
  • Velocity Randomizer -- randomly change velocity of note-on events
  • ScaleCC -- modify the value (data-byte) of a MIDI control change message
  • Sostenuto -- delay note-off messages, emulate a piano sostenuto pedal
  • Velocity Range -- filter MIDI note events according to velocity
  • Velocity Scale -- modify note velocity by constant factor and offset


Compiling the plugins requires LV2 SDK, gnu-make and a c-compiler.

  git clone git://
  cd midifilter.lv2
  sudo make install PREFIX=/usr