Quickly hacked scarlett-mixer GUI for Linux/ALSA
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Graphical Mixer Interface for the Scarlett series

Currently supported models, first generation of

  • 18i6
  • 18i8
  • 18i20
  • 6i6 (untested)

This is just a GUI, the device must be supported by the ALSA Linux kernel device-driver.

The mixer-elements are numerically indexed and only work with vanilla Linux. At the time of writing only the 1st generation of Scarlett devices are supported (Linux 4.16, April 2018).

This UI a quick hack, it may or may not work and is prepared for other Scarlett devices, but you are on your own.

Please do not package this software as-is, nor make it available to end-users since most will be disappointed.


Build-dependencies: gnu-make, a c-compiler, pkg-config, libpango, libcairo, lv2 (SDK), alsa (libasound) and openGL (sometimes called: glu, glx, mesa).

  git clone git://github.com/x42/scarlett-mixer
  cd scarlett-mixer
  git submodule init
  git submodule update

Usage (run from source-dir)

  ./scarlett-mixer --help
  ./scarlett-mixer hw:2   # change "hw:2" to match your device



See also

ALSA Mixer in HTLM-5 with ALSA JSON Gateway: http://breizhme.net/alsajson/mixers/ajg#/