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LV2 Test Signal Generator
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testsignal.lv2 is an audio-plugin for generating test-signals in LV2 format.

It has 9 operation modes:

  • Sine Wave 1kHz
  • Square Wave 1kHz
  • Sine Sweep 20Hz to 20KHz (at most to samplerate / 2) in 10 seconds
  • Uniform White Noise
  • Gaussian Shaped White Noise
  • Pink Noise
  • Impulses (1 sample spike) 100Hz, 0dBFS
  • Impulses (1 sample spike) 1Hz, 0dBFS
  • Impulses (1 sample spike) 5s (0.2Hz), 0dBFS

The signal level can be varied between -24dBFS and -9dBFS and defaults to -18dBFS.

  • For sine level defines the peak-signal (RMS is identical)
  • For square-wave generator the level defines the peak-signal (RMS is +3dB)
  • For uniform white noise, the level defines the absolute peak (RMS is about -1.8dB below peak)
  • For Gaussian shaped white noise and pink-noise, the level sets the RMS (peak is unlimited, though usually less than +12dB above RMS)


Compiling this plugin requires the LV2 SDK, gnu-make and a c-compiler.

  git clone git://
  cd testsignal.lv2
  sudo make install PREFIX=/usr

Note to packagers: The Makefile honors PREFIX and DESTDIR variables as well as CFLAGS, LDFLAGS and OPTIMIZATIONS (additions to CFLAGS).

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