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X JAck viDEo mOnitor: a tool that displays a video clip in sync with an external time source (jack-transport, LTC and MTC). Applications include: soundtrack composition/editing, video monitoring and -installations.
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xjadeo - jack video monitor

xjadeo is a simple video player that gets sync from jack.
Please refer to the documentation in the doc folder for any details,
or visit

Basic build instructions

git clone git://
sudo make install

Build Dependencies

Development packages for the following software must be available to compile xjadeo:

* ffmpeg (from at least version 1.0)
* jack-audio-connection-kit (
* libX11 (on Linux Only)
* glu (mandatory for OSX and Windows only, but recommended on GNU/Linux)

Recommended optional dependencies:
* glu (opengl display)
* freetype2  (on-screen-display)
* asound (ALSA MIDI [MTC] support)
* portmidi, porttime (windows/OSX MIDI [MTC] support)
* libltc (LTC support)
* liblo (OSC remote control support)

* libxv (on Linux, X-video acceleration)
* imlib2 (Linux RGB display)
* SDL (meant for windows only, really - but works on Linux, OSX too)

* QT3 or QT4 (for external remote-control GUI)

Copyright (C) 2005 - 2014 GPLv2
 Luis Garrido <>
 Robin Gareus <>
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