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Welcome to x42 Protocol's xCore wiki page.

This page is dedicated to introducing, explaining the function, features and implementation of xCore in the x42 Protocol network. This wiki is ever evolving and all users are invited to take part in making it better, you can do so by adding a new issue under the 'Wiki Updates' label here.

x42 is a decentralized proof of stake cryptocurrency with maximum supply of forty-two million coins. We created a platform that allows for the hosting of applications for a range that goes anywhere from small indie developed games to large entrepreneurial projects that span dozens of facilities all over the world.

xCore is an end user client that allows anyone to send and receive x42 transactions, delegate cold staking balances and it also allows for the installation and launching of decentralized applications (DApps) via the DApps store included in xCore.

You can find all setup guides here in this wiki via the menu on your right.

Warning: Do not install and/or run both xCore and xServer clients on the same computer.

The x42 Protocol Core development team can be easily contacted via our Discord.