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The Mach-O disassembler. Now 64bit and Xcode 6 compatible.
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The Mach-O disassembler.



This is an up-to-date version of otx.

Following changes has been made:

  • Based on 10.9 SDK.
  • 64bit binary.
  • Works with new otool came with Xcode 4.2+.
  • Source code compatible with Xcode 5+.
  • Tons of bug fixes.


Build 566:

  • Fix the Save menu. (#4)

Build 565:

  • Fix the Open menu. (#3)

Build 564:

  • No more symbolic link.
  • Minor UI fix.

Build 563:

  • Minor UI updates.

Build 562:

  • Update base SDK to 10.9 and Xcode 5.1.

Build 561:

  • Initial release.


The otx project and all original otx source files are in the public domain.

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