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Collaborative Breakpoint Manager for x64dbg.
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Collaborative Breakpoint Manager for x64dbg.


Example INI


[Code Injection]


See SlothBP.ini for a more complete example.

How to use

Alternatively you can fork and compile the source code.

Sharing ini's.

The 'Collaborative' part comes with the ability to share your own INI files with predefined breakpoints. The format is simple:

Add a category


The fields are in a APIName = BreakpointName format, meaning that APIName will be the menu item name, and BreakpointName is a module.apiname format. This allows the plugin to automatically set the correct breakpoint. (The module isnt necessarily required but definitely recommended).

SomeApi = module.SomeApi

Thanks to:

  • @mrexodia
  • anuj
  • All others who provided input

Feel free to share your INI configurations!

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