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added XEDParseTest to release package

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1 parent a8cc9aa commit 65f0c470e90b5e7ae8a9d3f3fb24149d86ddf351 @mrexodia mrexodia committed Feb 10, 2016
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@@ -8,8 +8,10 @@ mkdir %RELEASEDIR%\x64
copy src\XEDParse.h %RELEASEDIR%\XEDParse.h
xcopy bindings %RELEASEDIR% /S /Y
copy bin\x32\XEDParse.dll %RELEASEDIR%\x32\XEDParse.dll
+copy bin\x32\XEDParseTest.exe %RELEASEDIR%\x32\XEDParseTest.exe
copy bin\x32\XEDParse.lib %RELEASEDIR%\XEDParse_x86.lib
copy bin\x64\XEDParse.dll %RELEASEDIR%\x64\XEDParse.dll
+copy bin\x64\XEDParseTest.exe %RELEASEDIR%\x64\XEDParseTest.exe
copy bin\x64\XEDParse.lib %RELEASEDIR%\XEDParse_x64.lib
exit 0

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