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==== mona

Fork of Corelan’s for x64dbg. mona is a Windows exploit development swiss army knife. It supports ROP techniques, SEH, cyclic patterns, etc.

To see all commands and usage details, run mona with the help command.

Installation instructions


First, get x64dbgpy for x64dbg Python support. You can grab a release here. Drop the contents of the plugins directory into your x64dbg plugins folder.

Then, put into the plugins/x64dbgpy folder. You will also need the and files from Finally, put the script in x64dbgpy/x64dbgpy/autorun.

Now, run mona commands at the x64dbg Python command line with mona.mona(“command”).

Immunity Debugger

Simply drop into the 'PyCommands' folder (inside the Immunity Debugger application folder).



Some Supported Commands

  • modules — Show all loaded modules and their properties (ASLR, Rebase, DEP, etc.)
  • heap — Show heap related information
  • seh — Find pointers to assist with SEH overwrite exploits
  • jmp — Find pointers that will allow you to jump to a register
  • rop — Finds gadgets that can be used in a ROP exploit and do ROP magic with them
  • jop — Finds gadgets that can be used in a JOP exploit
  • pattern_offset — Find location of 4 bytes in a cyclic pattern