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PROJECT: updated dependencies + setenv.bat to reflect the wiki
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mrexodia committed Aug 25, 2017
1 parent 8d8fd30 commit 5d94936
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@@ -2,26 +2,20 @@

if "%OLDPATH%"=="" set OLDPATH=%PATH%

if "%QT32PATH%"=="" set QT32PATH=c:\Qt\qt-5.6.0-x86-msvc2013\5.6\msvc2013\bin
if "%QT64PATH%"=="" set QT64PATH=c:\Qt\qt-5.6.0-x64-msvc2013\5.6\msvc2013_64\bin
if "%QTCREATORPATH%"=="" set QTCREATORPATH=c:\Qt\qtcreator-4.0.0\bin
if "%QT32PATH%"=="" set QT32PATH=c:\Qt\qt-5.6.2-x86-msvc2013\5.6\msvc2013\bin
if "%QT64PATH%"=="" set QT64PATH=c:\Qt\qt-5.6.2-x64-msvc2013\5.6\msvc2013_64\bin
if "%QTCREATORPATH%"=="" set QTCREATORPATH=c:\Qt\qtcreator-4.3.1\bin
if "%VSVARSALLPATH%"=="" set VSVARSALLPATH=c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\VC\vcvarsall.bat
if "%COVERITYPATH%"=="" set COVERITYPATH=c:\coverity\bin
if "%DOXYGENPATH%"=="" set DOXYGENPATH=C:\Program Files\doxygen\bin
if "%CHMPATH%"=="" set CHMPATH=c:\Program Files (x86)\Softany\WinCHM

if "%1"=="x32" (
goto x32
) else if "%1"=="x64" (
goto x64
) else if "%1"=="coverity" (
goto coverity
) else if "%1"=="doxygen" (
goto doxygen
) else if "%1"=="chm" (
goto chm
) else (
echo "Usage: setenv x32/x64/coverity/doxygen/chm"
echo "Usage: setenv x32/x64/coverity"
goto :eof

@@ -44,14 +38,4 @@ goto :eof
echo Setting Coverity in PATH
goto :eof

echo Setting Doxygen in PATH
goto :eof

echo Setting CHM in PATH
goto :eof

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