Support all of disassembly modes in Ollydbg #1366

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  • Show default segments
  • Always show size of memory operands
  • Show NEAR jump modifiers
  • Show local module name
  • Show symbolic addresses
  • Format of string commands: Long (MOVS [DWORD EDI],[DWORD ESI]...) Short (MOVSB)
  • Decode near returns as RETN/RET
  • Decode size-sensitive 16/32-bit mnemonics like PUSHA/PUSHAD, MOVS/MOVSD | PUSHAW/PUSHAD. MOVSW/MOVSD | PUSHAW/PUSHA, MOVSW/MOVS
  • Decode jump hints as +JNZ, -JGE | BHT JNZ, BHNT JGE
  • Decode top of FPU stack as ST(0) | ST
  • Decode size of 16-byte SSE operands as DQWORD | XMMWORD
  • Demangle symbolic names
  • Display addresses in address column as Hex,Symbol|Symbol,Hex|Symbol or Hex
  • Highlight symbolic names in address column
  • Underline fixups
  • Use wide characters in UNICODE dumps
  • Double click on address: Sets relative addressing | Labels address
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