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Feature Request: the disassembled result to log window #1939

marunguy opened this Issue May 1, 2018 · 5 comments


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marunguy commented May 1, 2018

  • Apr 5 2018
  • Windows 8.1 64bit

I posted a question at google groups a few days ago, but I have no answer.!topic/x64dbg/lFrbKW3DxaY

Is there the command to ouput the disassembled result to log window?

The disasm command don't output the disassembled result to log window.

In windbg, u command display the disassembled result to log window.

0:000> u USER32!GetMessageW
00007ff8`026f2660 fff3            push    rbx
00007ff8`026f2662 4883ec20        sub     rsp,20h
00007ff8`026f2666 418bc0          mov     eax,r8d
00007ff8`026f2669 458bd1          mov     r10d,r9d
00007ff8`026f266c 488bd9          mov     rbx,rcx
00007ff8`026f266f 410bc1          or      eax,r9d
00007ff8`026f2672 a90000feff      test    eax,0FFFE0000h
00007ff8`026f2677 0f8503700500    jne     USER32!GetMessageW+0x57020 (00007ff8`02749680)

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torusrxxx commented May 1, 2018


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marunguy commented May 1, 2018

Copy your selection and paste in log.

Thank you for your reply.

I often analyze the app hooked by security solutions.
Some Win32 apis -CreateFileW, NtOpenFile ...- are hooked many times by security solutions.
Also the first partes of these apis are changed.

When trace these changes, it is very inconvenient to stop at breakpoints every time.
So, I like to use Log Text and Command Text in Edit Breakpint Dialog.
It is efficient to output it to the log window and analyze it.

I can use the log command, of course, but it is not easy to read and compare the outputs.

log "{mem;10@USER32.GetMessageW}"

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mrexodia commented May 1, 2018

You can use the log string “{i:cip}” to log a single instruction if that’s what you mean.

As for the Google group, I saw the email but I’m really busy moving these days :) in general Github is a better place to post though...


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blaquee commented May 1, 2018

I like this idea, it seems like something that can be done with a plugin too. @mrexodia can output be formatted in the log window?


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IssuehuntBot commented Jun 29, 2018

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@mrexodia mrexodia added the feature label Jul 1, 2018

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