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Official Templates

  • PluginTemplate: Visual Studio template to easily develop plugins.
  • QtPlugin: Demonstrates how to write a plugin that adds a QWidget tab.


To make it easier to debug plugins you can use the PluginDevHelper to automatically reload the plugin when you build it in Visual Studio. The CMake PluginTemplate automatically detects PluginDevBuildTool.exe and sets this up for you, but you can also set it up manually by following the instructions in the README.

Example plugins

Plugins with minimal functionality to show how certain APIs can be used.

User-maintained Templates


  • x64dbgida by mrexodia: Official x64dbg plugin for IDA Pro.
  • x64dbgbinja by mrexodia: Official x64dbg plugin for Binary Ninja.
  • lst2x64dbg by utkonos: Extract labels from IDA .lst or Ghidra .csv file and export x64dbg database.
  • x64dbgcutter by yossizap: Import and export x64dbg comments/breakpoints/labels/bookmarks in Cutter.
  • Generate PEB32 types JSON by Malware Utkonos.
  • execution-trace-viewer by teemu-l: Tool for viewing and analyzing execution traces.
  • JITCall: An Olly-inspired DLL loader for x64dbg using JIT compiling instead of asm. Now you can call exports in x64dbg, without rundll32.
  • by mrexodia: Standalone python script to convert x64dbg traces into a textual format.
  • UniPatch: A tool to parse *.1337 files (exported from x64dbg) and patch the target x86 or x64 file. Also supports "loader mode", where the file will be patched in memory at runtime rather than modifying the file.


Check the x64dbg-plugin GitHub topic for the latest plugins.

Plugin manager

Other tools