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This page is for projects that somehow contribute to x64dbg but are not part of the source code. Feel free to add your projects and plugins here (make sure it's nothing illegal though).

Add it (at the end of the list) in the following format:

PluginName (with link) by Author (with optional link): Brief description.

Official Templates

  • PluginTemplate: Visual Studio template to easily develop plugins.
  • QtPlugin: Demonstrates how to write a plugin that adds a QWidget tab.


To make it easier to debug plugins you can use the PluginDevHelper to automatically reload the plugin when you build it in Visual Studio. The CMake PluginTemplate automatically detects PluginDevBuildTool.exe and sets this up for you, but you can also set it up manually by following the instructions in the README.

Example plugins

Plugins with minimal functionality to show how certain APIs can be used.

User-maintained Templates



Plugin manager

Other tools