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Data management and processing library
C Shell Objective-C CSS Other
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Revert "Fix modules build"

This reverts commit 195fc5d.
latest commit f6b10dccab
@x86-64 authored
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build Error reporting: fix bug in modules
doc New datatype fastcall_t
examples netstring_t pack/unpack fix. Pack/unpack example and test
test netstring_t pack/unpack fix. Pack/unpack example and test
.gitignore Git ignore
AUTHORS Autoconf 2.5, automake 1.11
COPYING Licensed to GPLv3
ChangeLog Autoconf 2.5, automake 1.11
INSTALL Autoconf 2.5, automake 1.11 Dist bugfixes. Mphf nelements_mul. New 'runtimecfg' backend New datatype fastcall_t
NEWS Autoconf 2.5, automake 1.11
README Autoconf 2.5, automake 1.11 Moved readme text to documentation
TODO Revert "Fix modules build"
aclocal.m4 New datatype fastcall_t uint_t: optimized by memory uints
configure New datatype fastcall_t New test suite, no more check dependency

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