Implement Silabs C2 flash protocol via ARM and AVR
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Implement Silabs C2 flash programming protocol via NUCLEO-103RB, Arduino and EFM32ZG STK-3200 boards. See and for details

Port AN127SW to NUCLEO-103RB Add SendC2.exe command line utility to upload hex file to USB-DA All timing tune for 72MHz CPU system clock. Implement terminal mode for C8051 commands.

  1. C2CK - PC8

  2. C2D - PC9 Use Morpho Headers to connect

  3. Upload C2_Flash.pde sketch to Arduino

  4. Start program C2.Flash.exe (need .NET 2.0) Target Arduino Atmel C2CK - digital pin 5 (PortD 5) C2D - digital pin 6 (PortD 6) GND - GND

Port AN127SW to EFM32-STK3700

  1. Connect Target EFM32GG STK-3700 C2D - PC3 C2CK - PC0 GND - GND