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  • v1.6.6
    • Integrated JSON support thanks to c-f
  • v1.6.5
    • updated for python3 compatibility
    • switched to ElementTree XML API
    • rewrote xml parsing and fixed bugs
    • updated wordlists
  • v1.6.4
    • use dictionary for name conversion
  • v1.6.3
    • changes default smtp values
  • v1.6.2
    • added file and path error checking
    • smtp auth args added
    • enabled piping medusa errors out
  • v1.6.1
    • added output folder location verbage
    • -m dumps modules available
    • error checking when loading file
  • v1.6.0
    • added support for SNMP
  • v1.5.3
    • adjustments to wordlists
  • v1.5.2
    • change tmp and output directory behavior
  • v1.5.1
    • added check for no services
  • v1.5
    • added interactive mode
  • v1.4
    • added ability to use nmap XML
  • v1.3
    • added the ability to stop on success
    • added the ability to reference custom userlists and passlists
    • added the ability to specify specific users & passwords
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