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The xBIM project offers you the codebase to develop your Building Information Modelling (BIM) solution for commercial, research and open environments.


  1. A .NET library to work with data in the IFC format. This is the core component of the Xbim Toolkit

    C# 304 138

  2. XbimGeometry contains the CLR interop libraries and the c++ engine used to compute the 3D geometry of models.

    C++ 171 103

  3. The home of XbimXplorer and WPF components for your desktop BIM applications.

    C# 162 121

  4. Web components for xBIM Toolkit

    TypeScript 136 97

  5. XbimExchange contains several COBie schemas and serialisation functions as well as the Model Validation library adopted by theNBS digital toolkit.

    C# 41 43

  6. FlexDemo Public

    A quick start application demonstrating how to get up and running with the xbim Flex Cloud platform

    TypeScript 8 5


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