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The xBIM project offers you the codebase to develop your Building Information Modelling (BIM) solution for commercial, research and open environments.


  1. A .NET library to work with data in the IFC format. This is the core component of the Xbim Toolkit

    C# 403 160

  2. XbimGeometry contains the CLR interop libraries and the c++ engine used to compute the 3D geometry of models.

    C++ 222 120

  3. The home of XbimXplorer and WPF components for your desktop BIM applications.

    C# 211 143

  4. XbimWebUI Public

    Web components for xBIM Toolkit

    TypeScript 170 111

  5. XbimCOBieExpress is a library to manage COBie data in a similar way that Xbim.Ifc does for IFC data

    C# 12 8

  6. FlexDemo Public

    A quick start application demonstrating how to get up and running with the xbim Flex Cloud platform

    TypeScript 15 7