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XbimExchange is part of the Xbim Toolkit.

It contains libraries and applications that you can use to build applications that need to translate between different BIM File formats using the core XBIM Ifc data model.

This is the home of a number of related libraries:


Visual Studio 2017 or higher is recommended.

The free VS 2019 Community Edition will be fine. All projects target .NET Framework 4.7

The XBIM toolkit uses the NuGet for the management of several packages. We have custom NuGet feeds for the master and develop branches of the solution, and use Myget for CI builds. The nuget.config file should automatically add these feeds for you.


The XbimTeam wishes to thank JetBrains for supporting the XbimToolkit project with free open source Resharper licenses.

Thanks also to Microsoft Azure DevOps for the use of Azure Pipelines to automate our builds.

Getting Involved

If you'd like to get involved and contribute to this project, please read the CONTRIBUTING page or contact the Project Coordinators @CBenghi and @martin1cerny.


XbimExchange contains several COBie schemas and serialisation functions as well as the Model Validation library adopted by theNBS digital toolkit.




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