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XbimWindowsUI is part of the Xbim Toolkit. It contains libraries and applications that you can use to build applications on Windows desktops.

This is the home of the XbimXplorer application XBIM Xplorer which you can use for reference to see how the XBIM technology can be used in a Windows desktop environment.

XbimXplorer UI

This repo also contains the source for Xbim.Presentation, which is re-usable set of WPF and Windows Forms components that make up XbimXplorer. You can include this package in your own applications, to make use of the XBIM toolkit.


Visual Studio 2017 is recommended. Prior versions of Visual Studio may work, but we'd recomments 2017 where possible. The free VS 2017 Community Edition will be fine. All projects target .NET Framework 4.7

The XBIM toolkit uses the NuGet technology for the management of several packages. We have custom NuGet feeds for the master and develop branches of the solution, and use Myget for CI builds. The nuget.config file should automatically add these feeds for you


The XbimTeam wishes to thank JetBrains for supporting the XbimToolkit project with free open source Resharper licenses.

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The home of XbimXplorer and WPF components for your desktop BIM applications.




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