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PSVITA (psp2) app to disable/enable MiniVitaTV by TheOfficialFloW
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Switch to PSTV

PSVITA app to disable/enable MiniVitaTV plugin by TheOfficialFloW - tutorial to setup MiniVitaTV here

Usage: Open the app, it will rename MiniVitaTV and DS3 plugins to a different name and reboot the console to apply changes. (during this process black screen will be displayed until it reboots). If plugins were disabled before opening this app (by this app) it will enable them!


  • Plugins have to be installed and activated the first time you use this app!

  • Currently app doesn't automatically close if plugins are not installed/available so you have to manually quit using PS button.

Download the app

TODO list:

  • Make the app auto close itself if plugins aren't available.

  • Make better images/icons/artwork for the app.

  • Make the app install plugins if not available.

If you would like to help us with the code or artwork please make a pull request or contact me on twitter @x_corra (you will be credited for your contribution)

Credits: Rinnegatamante for making Lua Player Plus and helping me with the code a bit.

If you want to compile it yourself you are free to do so. You will need Lua Player + by Rinnegatamante.


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