A simple html page for the Win7 reference.
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An html page with some java script with the contents of the "4chan Windows 7 Resource" (pastebin) I created in late 2012. Some anon offered to help create an html page to make it easier to navigate, but updates were never done. Thus it is being forked, updates will occur, and the page will be restyled slightly to suit my needs. The html page is by no means a "guide" and is intended as a resource and index of helpful links that are easier to navigate and divided into categories. At this point I feel the webpage is a personal project that I use in place of bookmarks. It can easily be referenced to answer general questions when linking to specific sections via html.

Recently I purchased a domain so it doesn't have to be a long string of nonsense on an ftp.
If you intend to contribute to this website directly, simply use pull requests or visit the issue tracker and post a suggestion. Otherwise, feel free to pm me, contact me on rizon, or message me on deviant. I will then submit your suggestion to the section I deem appropriate and credit you unless otherwise directed.
Thank you!