luamqtt - Pure-lua MQTT client
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luamqtt - Pure-lua MQTT client

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MQTT ( ) client library for Lua. MQTT is a popular network communication protocol working by "publish/subscribe" model.

This library is written in pure-lua to provide maximum portability.


  • Full MQTT v3.1.1 support
  • More coming soon


The only main dependency is a luasocket to establishing TCP connection to the MQTT broker.

On Lua 5.1 and Lua 5.2 it also depends on LuaBitOp (bit) library to perform bitwise operations. It's not listed in package dependencies, please install it manually like this:

luarocks install luabitop

luasec (SSL/TLS)

To establish secure network connection (SSL/TSL) to MQTT broker you also need luasec module, please install it manually like this:

luarocks install luasec

This stage is optional and may be skipped if you don't need the secure network connection (e.g. broker is located in your local network).

Lua versions

It's tested to work on Debian 9 GNU/Linux with Lua versions:

  • Lua 5.1 ... Lua 5.3 (i.e. any modern Lua version)
  • LuaJIT 2.0.0 ... LuaJIT 2.1.0 beta3
  • It may also work on other Lua versions without any guarantees

Also I've successfully run it under Windows and it was ok, but installing luarock-modules was a non-trivial task on this OS.


luarocks install luamqtt

LuaRocks page


Here is a short version of examples/simple.lua:

-- load mqtt library
local mqtt = require("mqtt")

-- create mqtt client
local client = mqtt.client{ uri = "", clean = true }

-- connect to broker, using assert to raise error on failure

-- subscribe to test topic
assert(client:subscribe{ topic = "test/luamqtt" })

-- publish
assert(client:publish{ topic = "test/luamqtt", payload = "hello" })

-- receive one message and disconnect
client:on("message", function(msg)
	print("received message", msg)

More examples placed in examples/ directory. Also checkout tests in tests/spec/mqtt-client.lua

To run tests in this git repo you need busted:

busted tests/spec/*.lua

To run tests using locally cloned git repo use this command:

busted -e 'package.path="./?/init.lua;./?.lua;"..package.path' tests/spec/*.lua

Also you can learn MQTT protocol by reading tests/spec/protocol-make.lua and tests/spec/protocol-parse.lua tests


Connector is a network connection layer for luamqtt. There is a two standard connectors included - luasocket and luasocket_ssl.

In simple terms, connector is a set of functions to establish a network stream (TCP connection usually) and send/receive data through it. Every MQTT client instance may have their own connector.

And it's very simple to implement your own connector to make luamqtt works in your environment. For example, it may be the cosocket implementation for OpenResty.

For more details - see the source code of MQTT client initializer.

MQTT version

Currently supported is MQTT v3.1.1 protocol version.

The MQTT 5.0 protocol version is planned to implement in the future.


  • more permissive args for some methods
  • more examples
  • check some packet sequences are right
  • coroutines and other asyncronous approaches based on some event loop
  • several clients in one process
  • MQTT 5.0


Standard MIT License, see LICENSE file for full text