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Flask server to fetch, parse and return reddit RSS feeds, making a more user friendly experience
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Nicer Reddit RSS

Simple server to fetch, parse and return reddit RSS feeds, making a user friendly experience

What is this

This python 3 script sets up a server that listens for rss requests and passes them along to reddit, and modifies the content before returning the feed.

Who is this for

If you are using a cloud based RSS reader like Feedly or Inoreader to get your Reddit homepage, or if you just want a nicer reddit feed. This is also a good start for people who want to make their own modifications.


  • Proxy for reddit feeds (to bypass content refresh limits)
  • Images and gifs are shown directly in the feed
  • Self posts have a reddit icon (for thumbnails)
  • Content links are visible and domain is highlighted
  • Moved the links around for consistency, and easier time on touch interfaces


   ├─ urllib
   ├─ tldextract
   ├─ flask
   └─ lxml

You'll want to set up an AWS server, raspberry pi, etc - as long as it has a static ip

Install the python3 packages with pip


Run the server:


By default it will listen on port 8080. Modify the source's start to change this or other defaults.

Use a url that looks like this:


This script currently only supports the "feed", "user" and "limit" parameters.

You can get the parameters for the request from your own reddit profile:


Original skeleton based on

Idea for inline photos is from

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