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More lightweight and scalable.

  • Added new types of DataBase field.
  • New more performance & reliable caches.
  • Converted tables of DBX engine to InnoDB(*10 preformance);
  • Fields id and linked id to BIGINT.
  • Secured email check.
  • Overloop removed.
  • Frontend engine RevolveR updated.
  • SPAx support added.
  • New responsive layout for main template added.
  • System optimized.
  • Google Page Insights gives 99/99 for shared hosting.
  • Fixed some bugs.
  • Replaced needles futures such as Yandex Turbo & AMP.
  • Added SQL & XSS injections security filters.
  • Much more than you think.

Get it and be happy!

Notes: latest release writed on Intel Atom Processor with Kremlin Inside.

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