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Pxls is a collaborative image editor where you can place up to six pixels at a time, inspired by Reddit's r/Place experiment.



  1. Install the above requirements either via package manager (recommended) or by building from their sources.

  2. Clone the repo:

    $ git clone

  3. Navigate to the directory:

    $ cd Pxls

  4. Clean the package:

    $ mvn clean package

The output .jar is in target/.


  1. Create a new directory.
  2. Copy resources/ and the output .jar to it.
  3. Copy resources/reference.conf to the directory as pxls.conf.
  4. Configure pxls.conf.
  5. Execute the jar with java -jar pxls-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

The server will start on port 4567 by default, and will expose a rudimentary console with a few commands (listed in Commands below). You will need to configure the database for the server to start, see the Configuring Database section below.

The config file uses HOCON. The config will not be automatically created, you must create/copy it yourself. Any unspecified option will use the default value from resources/reference.conf.

Pxls will automatically save a backup of the map every five minutes to $STORAGE/backups/board.<timestamp>.dat, as well as before executing a blank operation and right before exiting (via Ctrl-C).

Configuring Database

You will need to set the database URI/credentials in pxls.conf.

The relevant config options are database.url, database.user, and database.pass. An example database section in the config could look like this:

database {
  driver: org.mariadb.jdbc.driver
  url: "jdbc:mariadb://localhost:3306/pxls"
  user: AzureDiamond
  pass: hunter2

Configuring OAuth

OAuth keys must be set in the config file (see above). Right now, five services are supported - Reddit, Google, Discord, VK, and Tumblr.

The config node oauth.callbackBase must be set to your app's URL (including protocol and port), followed by /auth (for example, On the OAuth setup page for the various services, you need to set the redirect URL to oauth.callbackBase followed by the service name. Reddit, for example, would be, and likewise for Google.

An example OAuth section could look like this:

oauth {
    callbackBase: ""
    reddit {
        key: AsPxXweEomQjUD
        secret: tYJlz_xbH-qjxw8xvKVj0qLXRCw
    google {
        key: pxls-
        secret: AIzaSzAS9wxgdXw6G3Q2lGMlyxG03F3hmXEMnce
    discord {
        key: 112233445566778899
        secret: yo4DkHFDy0k1euPyxMef6m243qRgX00z

Configuring CAPTCHA

By default, CAPTCHAs are disabled, and need to be configured in the config to work. You will need a CAPTCHA key and secret. The type must be Invisible reCAPTCHA.

The key needs to be one of the approved domains on the reCAPTCHA admin panel. For local testing, this will likely be localhost (no port).

An example CAPTCHA section could look like this:

captcha {
    key: 6LcedG4UAAAAAKA6l9BbRPvZ2vt3lTrCQwz8rfPe
    secret: 6LcedG4UAAAAAIXZcNFhnLKvTQwG1E8BzQQt_-MR


Commands are entered directly into the running instance (stdin):

  • reload - Reloads the main configuration, applying most changes immediately.
  • save - Saves the map.
  • role <user> <role> - Changes the role of the user. The role can be either USER, TRIALMOD, MODERATOR, or ADMIN.
  • alert <text> - Sends an popup-like alert to all users on the canvas.
  • ban <user> <reason> - Bans the user for 24 hours, with the specified reason (if any).
  • permaban <user> <reason> - Permanently bans the user, with the specified reason (if any).
  • shadowban <user> <reason> - Shadowbans the user (hiding newly-placed pixels to all but themself), with the specified reason (if any).
  • unban <user> - Unbans the user.
  • nuke <x1> <y1> <x2> <y2> <color> - Replaces all pixels from (x1, y1) to (x2, y2) with the color (by index).
  • cons [authed] - Lists the total (or authed) connection count.
  • users - Lists all of the authed users, by username.
  • stack <user> [set <amount>] - Sets the user's stack count. The user must not be on cooldown before setting.


A full list of contributors is available here.