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The app uses the following tools:

Getting Started

Docker is used for the deployment of the software in production only.


As a developer you will need to perform the following steps:

  • Install virtualenv
    pip3 install virtualenv
  • Create a venv folder where it will contain all the virtual environments
    mkdir venv
    cd venv
  • Clone the git repository
    git clone
  • Create virtual environment
    virtualenv CapstoneReservation -p python3
  • Run virtual environment
    source CapstoneReservation/bin/activate
  • Go inside the the virtual environment directory and clone the project
    cd CapstoneReservation
    git clone
  • Go inside the repository and upgrade pip to the latest version
    cd CapstoneReservation
    curl -o
  • Install python dependencies
    pip3 install -r server/requirements/dev.txt
  • Go to the root directory of the Django app
    cd server
  • Create migrations
    python3 makemigrations

This will basically look at the DB schema and create scripts to update it if necessary.

  • Apply migration changes to the DB
    python3 migrate

This will execute the scripts generated previously from makemigrations and apply the new schema.

  • Create super user
    python3 createsuperuser

This will create an user to access to the Django administration interface

  • Start Django server
    python3 runserver
    cd client // or cd ../client (dependending on your current directory)
  • Install node dependencies
    yarn install

Any yarn (or npm) command has to be run on the same directory as package.json

  • Start React app
    yarn start

The default port of the React app is 3000

Repository Structure

    server/              : Django server
    └─ apps/             : Django apps
    └─ config/           : Django configs
    │  └─ settings/      : Django settings (dev/prod)
    └─ requirements/     : Python requirements (dev/prod)
    └─ scripts/          : Utility scripts

    client/              : React app
    └─ src/              : Source code
    │  └─ assets         : Assets
    │  |  └─ img/        : media files
    │  |  └─ scss/       : .scss stylesheets (common)
    |  └─ components/    : React components
    |  └─ config/        : Configs
    └─ dist/             : Minified code for production

Useful Commands

  • List all Django commands
    python3 --help
  • Dump DB
    python3 scripts/
  • Deactivate virtual environment