C# lib that allows you to post your bots server count to all of the Discord bot lists.
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This is a C# lib that allows you to post your bots server count to all of the Discord bot lists.

If you have any issues/suggestions post an issue here, join my Discord https://discord.gg/WJTYdNb or contact me xXBuilderBXx#8265


Please see at the bottom of this README for the todo list

  • Diffrent logtypes (none, error only, info, debug)
  • 16 Bot lists supported
  • Information about the bot lists, name, website, owner (Name#tag & ID)
  • Supports normal and sharded bots
  • Supports .net framework and .net core
  • Manually trigger posting
  • Automatically post server count every 10 minutes

How to use

Install the nuget package here https://www.nuget.org/packages/BotListAPI

Create a new instance of BotListAPI.ListClient

It is encouraged to not put tokens in this and instead load a file with the tokens incase you leak all your tokens

ListClient = new ListClient(_Client, new ListConfig
    DiscordBots = "",
    BotsForDiscord = "",
    BotListSpace = "",
    BotsOnDiscord = "",
    Carbonitex = "",
    DiscordBotList = "",
    DiscordBotListv2 = "",
    DiscordBotListv3 = "",
    DiscordBotsGroup = "",
    DiscordBotWorld = "",
    DiscordListApp = "",
    DiscordServices = "",
    DivineBotList = "",
    DiscordBestBots = "",
    DiscordBoats = "",
    DiscordBoatsv2 = ""

You can manually trigger posting using ListClient.DiscordBots.Post();

Or you can automatically post it using the a background thread (every 10 minutes)


This stops the background thread


Supports BotBlock.org

This uses less requests and is enabled by default with ListClient.BotBlock = true;

Bot lists