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*require BPU 1.3.0 stable; -remove option 'marker.enabled' (only as b…

…ackup); +rudimentary description for markers; !fix bug that there is an error if dynmap get disabled before xWarp; +message if the warp name wasn't unique; +show how many warps with this name exists; +status shows if it was linked to dynmap; *better error if BPU doesn't exist; !update listed status also in database;
latest commit e8a73798a7
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img +Marker support; -CDWUConvCommand;
.gitignore +mavenised; +yml now support protection areas; +yml could add warps;
pom.xml *require BPU 1.3.0 stable; -remove option 'marker.enabled' (only as b…
todo *3.1.5; +permission to view own unlisted warps; !sign warp variables …
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