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xWarp is a fork of MyWarp. To prevent naming conflicts I decided to name this plugin xWarp. I call it xWarp firstly because if my nickname (xZise) but at the moment x could also be expanded or experienced mean.

Latest version




Latest version is 3.1.7: Tested build 1.2.5-R1.0 (2012-04-20, BPU: 1.3.0)

  • Use option marker.plugin instead of marker.enabled. If marker.enabled is set to true it acts like marker.plugin was set to dynmap
  • Added a rudimentary description for markers (click on them).
  • Fixed a error message that appears if dynmap gets disabled before xWarp.
  • Show a different message if the warp name isn't unique to prevent confusion.
  • Show how many warps with this name exists in the warp info screen.
  • The status command shows if xWarp is linked to dynmap.
  • If BPU wasn't found there will be a more descriptive error message.
  • Update the listed status also in database.


Creation limits

With version 2.8.0 xWarp is supporting creation limits. It is now possible to define how many warps a player could create. To support change each warp has now a owner and a creator. The owner is the same as the previous (version before 2.8.0) creator. So a warp name is unique for a owner and a owner couldn't create a second warp with the same name. The creator is simply the player how created this warp and could be nobody instead to the owner which has to be somebody. It is also possible, that a player creates many warps with the same name, but only if the owners are different. By default the creator is always the owner.

Change owner/creator

To change the owner or creator following commands are available:

  • give (alias chown) – This changes the owner and not the creator.
  • change-creator (alias chcre) – This changes the creator and not the owner.

Get the limits

To see it's own limits simply type “/warp create” (only in-game) and the player could see how many warps (s)he could create and already had create.


With version 2.9.0 xWarp supports prices. There are two types of prices:

  1. The price which a warp creation cost. This value could be defined via the Permissions.
  2. The price which a warp teleport cost. This price is the sum of the basic price defined in the Permissions (by default 0) and the teleport price of the specific warp. With the /warp price <name> [owner] <price> command it is possible to change the price.

The price will be deducted automatically after issuing the command. It is possible to define who will get the profit of the creation and basic prices. The warp specific price will get the owner of the warp.

At the moment xWarp is supporting iConomy 4, iConomy 5 and Essentials Economy (Dev2.2.104). There is support for BOSEconomy, but it doesn't work like it was described, so I have to wait for the plugin developer.



Most commands of MyWarp you could also use in xWarp. The important commands:

  • /warp create <name> – Creates a new public warp.
  • /warp <name> [owner] – Warps to a warp.

Console commands

With version 2.4.0 it is possible to execute most of the warps command in the console.



With version 2.0.0 I support 3 different visibility states. The main differences:

  • Global warps can be accessed without naming the owner. They are globally unique.
  • Public warps can everybody visit but not globally unique. The name is for the owner unique.
  • Private warps can only the creator and invited visit. They are also unique for each owner.