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It is possible to use different commands in xWarp. Each of them will be interpreted with the Parser so everything after the command can be escaped/quoted etc.


Parameters are placed in angle brackets and optional parameters in square brackets. Since xWarp 3.0.0 There are three lists of commands:

  1. Managing commands
  2. Commands handling warps
  3. Commands handling warp protection areas

If you are using a version prior to xWarp 3.0.0 these are the following commands:

Warping commands

These commands are not available in the console.

  • /warp <name> [owner] – Warps! But only within a world.

    Alias: /go <name> [owner] [warped]

  • /warp to <name> [owner] [warped] – Warps! But only within a world. It is possible to warp another player than you.

    Alias: /go to <name> [owner] [warped]

  • /warp force-to <name> [owner] – Warps! And also to other worlds. But expect that the server log prints a “moved wrongly” warning and the warper will appear at the spawn point.

Searching commands

Warp List

/warp list [options] [#page]

Alias: /warp ls [options] [#page]

Views all accessible warps. To show another page than the first set the page. It is possible, to add options, to filter warps. Some options expands the name. This means, if the value of an option is ‘x’ and an user with the name ‘xZise’ is on the server, it will set the option's value internally to ‘xZise’.


  • o:<owner> – The warp is owned by the owner. This option ‘expands’ the name.
  • oo:<owner> – Like o:<owner> but doesn't ‘expand’ the name.
  • c:<creator> – The warp was by the creator created.
  • oc:<creator> – Like c:<creator> but doesn't ‘expand’ the name.
  • w:<world> – Defines in which world the warp has to be.
  • v:<visibility> – The warp has the defined visibility.


  • /warp list o:xZise – Shows the first page of the warps owned by “xZise”
  • /warp list oo:Alice oo:Bob 6 – Shows the sixth page of all warps owned by “Alice” or “Bob”.
  • /warp list 3 – Shows the third page of all accessible warps.

Warp Search

/warp search  [#page]

Search for warps using query. If the warps don't fit on the first page, it is possible to view later pages.

Warp info

/warp info  [owner]

Shows the information about a warp, like position, owner.

Helping commands

  • /warp help [#page/command] – Shows the warps help page #page or command.

    Alias: /warp ? [#page/command]


    • /warp help – Shows the first page of the help.
    • /warp help add-editor – Shows detailed help for the “add-editor” command.
  • /warp list legend – Shows a legend for all colors used in the warp lists.

Creating commands

These commands are not available in the console.

  • /warp create <name> – Creates a new public warp.


    • /warp + <name>
    • /warp add <name>
  • /warp createp <name> – Creates a new private warp.


    • /warp +p <name>
    • /warp addp <name>
  • /warp createg <name> – Creates a new global warp.


    • /warp +g <name>
    • /warp addg <name>
  • /warp create – See how many warps this user could create and has created.

Editing commands

  • /warp update <name> [owner] – Updates the position of a warp. This command is not available in the console.

    Alias: /warp * <name> [owner]

  • /warp give <name> [owner] <new owner> – Changes the owner of the warp to the new owner.

    Alias: /warp chown <name> [owner] <new owner>

  • /warp message <name> [owner] <message> – Changes the welcome message of the warp.

    Alias: /warp msg <name> [owner] <message>

  • /warp delete <name> [owner] – Deletes the warp.

    Alias: /warp - <name> [owner]

  • /warp rename <name> [owner] <new name> – Renames the warp to the new name.

    Alias: /warp mv <name> [owner] <new name>

  • /warp price <name> [owner] <new price> – Sets the new price of the warp.


  • /warp invite <name> [owner] <invitee> – Invites the invitee to using the warp. Is only useful with private warps.
  • /warp uninvite <name> [owner] <ex-invitee> – Revokes the invitation to using the warp. Is only useful with private warps.
  • /warp add-editor <name> [owner] <editor> <permissions> – Adds an editor with the given permissions.
  • /warp remove-editor <name> [owner] <ex-editor> – Removes an editor.


  • /warp private <name> [owner] – Changes the visibility to private.
  • /warp public <name> [owner] – Changes the visibility to public.
  • /warp global <name> [owner] – Changes the visibility to global.

Administrative commands

  • /warp reload – Reloads the settings and all warps from the database.

  • /warp convert – Imports the hmod warps.txt file. In console you have to set a parameter who owns the new warps. (removed 2.8.0 use import)

  • /warp permissions – Shows all granted permissions for the user.

  • /warp export <type> [filename] – Exports the warps to the given database with the given type. Note that the filename is relative to the craftbukkit jar file!

  • /warp import <type> [filename] [options] – Imports the warps to the given database with the given type. Note that the filename is relative to the craftbukkit jar file!

  • /warp change-creator <name> [owner] <new creator> – Changes the creator to the new creator.

    Alias: /warp chcre <name> [owner] <new creator>

  • /warp status – Shows the status of xWarp (number of warps, linked economy/permission plugin). This command needs no permission at the moment (2.11.5).

Export/Import notes

The export/import command allows to select in which type the warps would be exported. There are at the moment following types available:

  • hmod
  • sqlite

Please note, that the filename is relative to the craftbukkit jar file!

Import options

The import options allows you to import older hmod files. So if the type is hmod you could add the new owner of the warps, because the older version of the hmod file doesn't store the owner.

xwarp command alias

To use the original command architecture I registered the xwarp command. The only problem is, that it uses the normal splitter to split the arguments. So previous 2.6.2 the command don't get parsed. With 2.6.2 I reparse the string. It is possible that spaces get lost while this operation, so if you noticed that a space got lost use the warp command (if possible).