Wpa commands

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All these commands allow the user to handle the warp protection areas managed by xWarp. These commands are valid since xWarp 3.0.0.

It is possible to use different commands in xWarp. Each of them will be interpreted with the Parser so everything after the command can be escaped/quoted etc.

Info: Required parameters are placed in angle brackets and optional parameters in square brackets.


Instead of wpa it is possible to use xwpa.

Information commands

Warp protection area info

/wpa info  [owner]

Shows the information about a warp, like position, owner.

Help command

/wpa help [#page/command]

Alias: /wpa ? [#page/command]

Shows the warps help page #page or command.


  • /wpa help – Shows the first page of the help.
  • /wpa help add-editor – Shows detailed help for the “add-editor” command.

Create commands

Start creation

/wpa create 


  • /wpa + <name>
  • /wpa add <name>

Initialize the creation of a new warp protection area. After this, left click on the two corners of the cuboid with a wooden sword. After this the warp protection area is created and in effect.

Stop creation

/wpa stop-create [player name]


  • /wpa stop-+ [player name]
  • /wpa stop-add [player name]

After a creation was started it is possible to stop this by executing this command. To stop the creation of somebody else define the player name.

Changing the owner

/wpa give  [owner] 

Alias: /wpa chown <name> [owner] <new owner>

Changes the owner of the warp protection area to the new owner.

Removing warp protection area

/wpa delete  [owner]

Alias: /wpa - <name> [owner]

Deletes the warp protection area.

Rename warp protection area

/wpa rename  [owner] 

Alias: /wpa mv <name> [owner] <new name>

Renames the warp protection area to the new name.



/wpa invite  [owner] 

Invites the invitee to override the warp protection area. So the invitee then could create warp also if the warp protection area would prohibit the invitee.

Revoke invite

/wpa uninvite  [owner] 

Revokes the invitation to overriding the warp protection area.

Add editor

/wpa add-editor  [owner]  

Adds an editor with the given permissions to the warp protection area. Note that this will overwrite the old permissions the editor could have. The editor could have following prefixes:

  • None – The editor will be a player and will be expanded by the server.
  • o: – Like none, but won't be expanded.
  • g: – The editor will be a group. All players in this group than have the editor permissions.
  • p: – The editor will be a permission. So everybody with the permission have the editor permissions.

Remove editor

/wpa remove-editor  [owner] 

Removes an editor from the editors list of the warp protection area. The editor could be prefixed like in add-editor.

Change creator

/wpa change-creator  [owner] 

Alias: /wpa chcre <name> [owner] <new creator>

Changes the creator to the new creator. Handle this command with care, as the creator has no special rights.

Change the world of all warps in one world

/wpa change-world  

Alias: /wpa chwrld <old world> <new world>

Changes the world of all warp protection areas in the old world to the new world. So it is possible to rename a world, and updating all warp protection areas in the renamed world with one command.