Contains the code snippets for JavaScript (ES6) development in VS Code editor
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VS Code JavaScript (ES6) snippets

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This extension contains code snippets for JavaScript in ES6 syntax for Vs Code editor (supports both JavaScript and TypeScript).


In order to install an extension you need to launch the Command Pallete (Ctrl + Shift + P or Cmd + Shift + P) and type Extensions. There you have either the option to show the already installed snippets or install new ones. Search for JavaScript (ES6) code snippets and install it.

Supported languages (file extensions)

  • JavaScript (.js)
  • TypeScript (.ts)
  • JavaScript React (.jsx)
  • TypeScript React (.tsx)
  • Html (.html)
  • Vue (.vue)


Below is a list of all available snippets and the triggers of each one. The means the TAB key.

Import and export

Trigger Content
imp→ imports entire module import fs from 'fs';
imn→ imports entire module without module name import 'animate.css'
imd→ imports only a portion of the module using destructing import {rename} from 'fs';
ime→ imports everything as alias from the module import * as localAlias from 'fs';
ima→ imports only a portion of the module as alias import { rename as localRename } from 'fs';
rqr→ require package require('');
mde→ default module.exports module.exports = {};
enf→ exports name function export const log = (parameter) => { console.log(parameter);};
edf→ exports default function export default (parameter) => { console.log(parameter);};
ecl→ exports default class export default class Calculator { };
ece→ exports default class by extending a base one export default class Calculator extends BaseClass { };

Class helpers

Trigger Content
con→ adds default constructor in the class constructor() {}
met→ creates a method inside a class add() {}
pge→ creates a getter property get propertyName() {return value;}
pse→ creates a setter property set propertyName(value) {}

Various methods

Trigger Content
fre→ forEach loop in ES6 syntax array.forEach(currentItem => {})
fof→ for ... of loop for(const item of object) {}
fin→ for ... in loop for(const item in object) {}
anfn→ creates an anonymous function (params) => {}
nfn→ creates a named function const add = (params) => {}
dob→ destructing object syntax const {rename} = fs
dar→ destructing array syntax const [first, second] = [1,2]
sti→ set interval helper method setInterval(() => {});
sto→ set timeout helper method setTimeout(() => {});
prom→ creates a new Promise return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {});
thenc→ adds then and catch declaration to a promise .then((res) => {).catch((err) => {});

Console methods

Trigger Content
cas→ console alert method console.assert(expression, object)
ccl→ console clear console.clear()
cco→ console count console.count(label)
cdi→ console dir console.dir
cer→ console error console.error(object)
cgr→ console group
cge→ console groupEnd console.groupEnd()
clg→ console log console.log(object)
clo→ console log object with name console.log('object :', object);
ctr→ console trace console.trace(object)
cwa→ console warn console.warn
cin→ console info
clt→ console table console.table