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;;;; art.lisp
(in-package #:art)
;;; "art" goes here. Hacks and glory await!
(defvar *image-viewer-command*
(or (probe-file "/usr/bin/open")
(probe-file "/usr/bin/gnome-open")
"Set this to a command that can display image files.")
(defconstant 2pi (* pi 2))
(defun view (file)
(unless *image-viewer-command*
(error "Don't know how to view stuff; set ~S to something"
(commando:run *image-viewer-command* (pathname file)))
(defun rdegrees (radians)
(* radians (/ 180 pi)))
(defun choose-one (&rest options)
(elt options (random (length options))))
(define-compiler-macro choose-one (&rest options)
`(aref #(,@options) (random ,(length options))))