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;;;; hexagraphic.lisp
(in-package #:art)
(defun hexagon (center radius &key (rotation 0))
"Draw a hexagon at CENTER with vertexes inscribed in a circle of
RADIUS size."
(let* ((step (/ pi 3))
(angle rotation)
(point (add center (apoint angle radius))))
(move-to point)
(dotimes (i 5)
(incf angle step)
(line-to (add center (apoint angle radius))))
(defun call-for-tiling (&key box fun radius)
"Call FUN with the centerpoint of each hexagon of size RADIUS tiled
into BOX"
(let* ((r radius)
(oddp nil)
(offset r)
(width (+ r (width box)))
(height (+ r (height box)))
(xstep (sqrt (- (expt (* r 2) 2)
(expt r 2))))
(ystep (* r 2)))
(print xstep)
(loop for x below width by xstep
(if oddp
(setf oddp nil offset 0)
(setf oddp t offset r))
(loop for y below height by ystep
(funcall fun (point x (+ offset y)))))))
(defun colorizer (point)
(lambda (p)
(let ((a (angle point p)))
(hsv-color (rdegrees a) 1 (choose-one 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5)))))
(defun tiler (&key width height radius file)
(let* ((canvas (box 0 0 width height))
(colorizer (colorizer (centerpoint canvas))))
(with-box-canvas canvas
(set-fill-color *black*)
(call-for-tiling :box canvas
:radius radius
:fun (lambda (point)
(hexagon point radius)
(set-fill-color (funcall colorizer point))
(set-fill-color (rgba-color 0 0 0
(choose-one 0.75
(hexagon point (* radius
(choose-one 0.9 0.85)))
(save-png file))))