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;;;; colors.lisp
(in-package #:vectometry)
(defclass color ()
:initarg :red
:accessor red)
:initarg :green
:accessor green)
:initarg :blue
:accessor blue)))
(defun rgb-color (r g b)
(make-instance 'color :red r :green g :blue b))
(defclass color/alpha (color)
:initarg :alpha
:accessor alpha)))
(defun rgba-color (r g b a)
(make-instance 'color/alpha :red r :green g :blue b :alpha a))
;;; from kmrcl
(defun rgb->hsv (r g b)
(let* ((min (min r g b))
(max (max r g b))
(delta (- max min))
(v max)
(s 0)
(h nil))
(when (plusp max)
(setq s (/ delta max)))
(when (plusp delta)
(setq h (cond
((= max r)
(nth-value 0 (/ (- g b) delta)))
((= max g)
(nth-value 0 (+ 2 (/ (- b r) delta))))
(nth-value 0 (+ 4 (/ (- r g) delta))))))
(setq h (* 60 h))
(when (minusp h)
(incf h 360)))
(values h s v)))
(defun hsv->rgb (h s v)
(when (zerop s)
(return-from hsv->rgb (values v v v)))
(loop while (minusp h)
do (incf h 360))
(loop while (>= h 360)
do (decf h 360))
(let ((h-pos (/ h 60)))
(multiple-value-bind (h-int h-frac) (truncate h-pos)
(declare (fixnum h-int))
(let ((p (* v (- 1 s)))
(q (* v (- 1 (* s h-frac))))
(t_ (* v (- 1 (* s (- 1 h-frac)))))
r g b)
((zerop h-int)
(setf r v
g t_
b p))
((= 1 h-int)
(setf r q
g v
b p))
((= 2 h-int)
(setf r p
g v
b t_))
((= 3 h-int)
(setf r p
g q
b v))
((= 4 h-int)
(setf r t_
g p
b v))
((= 5 h-int)
(setf r v
g p
b q)))
(values r g b)))))
(defun hsv-color (h s v)
(multiple-value-call 'rgb-color (hsv->rgb h s v)))
(defgeneric hsv-values (color)
(:method ((color color))
(rgb->hsv (red color) (green color) (blue color))))
(defgeneric rgb-values (color)
(:method ((color color))
(values (red color) (green color) (blue color))))
(defgeneric darkp (color)
(:method (color)
(multiple-value-bind (hue saturation value)
(hsv-values color)
(or (< value 0.64)
(and (< 0.5 saturation)
(or (< hue 45) (< 205 hue)))))))
(defvar *black* (rgb-color 0 0 0))
(defvar *white* (rgb-color 1 1 1))
(defun contrasting-text-color (color)
(if (darkp color)
(defun add-alpha (color alpha)
(multiple-value-call #'rgba-color (rgb-values color) alpha))
(defun float-octet (float)
"Convert a float in the range 0.0 - 1.0 to an octet."
(values (round (* float 255.0))))
(defgeneric html-code (color)
(:method (color)
(format nil "#~2,'0X~2,'0X~2,'0X"
(float-octet (red color))
(float-octet (green color))
(float-octet (blue color)))))
(defmethod alpha ((color color))
(defun set-fill-color (color)
(vecto:set-rgba-fill (red color)
(green color)
(blue color)
(alpha color)))
(defun set-stroke-color (color)
(vecto:set-rgba-stroke (red color)
(green color)
(blue color)
(alpha color)))
(defun html-color (code)
(multiple-value-bind (size divisor)
(ecase (length code)
(7 (values 2 255.0))
(4 (values 1 15.0)))
(flet ((value-at (i)
(let* ((start (1+ (* i size)))
(end (+ start size)))
(/ (parse-integer code :start start :end end :radix 16)
(rgb-color (value-at 0) (value-at 1) (value-at 2)))))
(defun gray-color (value)
(rgb-color value value value))
(defun graya-color (value alpha)
(rgba-color value value value alpha))