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Work with Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront from Common Lisp
Common Lisp
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doc Updated version to 1.2.5.
.gitignore Initial checkin for github.
LICENSE Initial checkin for github.
README Initial checkin for github.
acl.lisp Unclutter XML generation.
bucket-listing.lisp A new style of XML bindings.
cloudfront.lisp Unclutter XML generation.
credentials.lisp Remove lots of unused-variable warnings, patch by Hans Huebner.
crypto.lisp Initial updates for bulk object delete.
errors.lisp Fix broken and outdated documentation links.
interface.lisp Sanity-checking around DELETE-ALL-OBJECTS. Fixes #10.
lifecycle.lisp Add & export OBJECT-RESTORATION-STATUS.
location.lisp A new style of XML bindings.
logging.lisp Unclutter XML generation.
objects.lisp Support object storage classes.
package.lisp Add & export OBJECT-RESTORATION-STATUS.
post.lisp Initial checkin for github.
redirects.lisp Initial checkin for github.
request.lisp When making a HEAD request, use the bucket vhost.
response.lisp Remove lots of unused-variable warnings, patch by Hans Huebner.
tests.lisp Initial checkin for github.
utils.lisp Define & use OCTET, OCTET-VECTOR types.
xml-binding.lisp A new style of XML bindings.
xml-output.lisp Unclutter XML generation.
zs3.asd Updated version to 1.2.5.


This is ZS3, a library for working with Amazon's Simple Storage
Service (S3) and CloudFront service from Common Lisp.

For more information about S3, see:

For more information about CloudFront, see:

For documentation of ZS3, including how to install and use, see
doc/index.html in this distribution, or visit:

If you have any questions or comments about ZS3, please contact me,
Zach Beane, at You can also discuss ZS3 on the ZS3
mailing list at .

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