Udacity React Nanodegree project 2
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Readable API Server

This is the starter project for the final assessment project for Udacity's Redux course where you will build a content and comment web app. Users will be able to post content to predefined categories, comment on their posts and other users' posts, and vote on posts and comments. Users will also be able to edit and delete posts and comments.

This repository includes the code for the backend API Server that you'll use to develop and interact with the front-end portion of the project.

Start Developing

To get started developing right away:

  • Install and start the API server
    • cd api-server
    • npm install
    • node server
  • In another terminal window, start the front-end
    • cd readable
    • npm install
    • npm start

API Server

Information about the API server and how to use it can be found in its README file.