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Avatar XadillaX (Khaidi Chu)

Welcome to summoner's rift!


Languages Node.js, C/C++
Platforms macOS / Linux / Windows
Email YnJva2VuQGxldG1lLnJlcGFpcg==
GitHub @XadillaX
NPM xadillax
Zhihu @死月絲卡蕾特

Written Book(s)

Node.js:来一打 C++ 扩展 aka. "Node.js: Let's write a dozen of C++ Add-ons".
Source Code

Main Open-Source Projects

aliyun-ons SDK of Node.js for Aliyun ONS.
byakuren A theme color extracting library implemented by C.
hua Make yourself easy to pick an alibaba flavor name (aka. 花名).
mcnbt Yet another Minecraft NBT format file / buffer parser for Node.js.
Scarlet Task A task queue module for Node.js. You can set several children-queue for one task queue.
thmclrx A theme color extractor module for Node.js.
Toshihiko Yet another simple ORM for Node.js.
xmempool A memory pool implemented by C.

Useful Open-Source Projects

auto-object Create auto properties object and class in Node.js just like Proxy.
bling_hashes String hash algorithms for node.js.
chinese-random-name Generate Chinese name using Node.js.
crc64_ecma182.js Pure JavaScript implement of CRC64-ECMA182 for Node.js.
day-from-1970 Calculate out which day, month, year and week from 1970.1.1 via one timestamp.
efsw Watching your filesystem events just like fsevents. But node-efsw is cross-platform.
eggirl A React-Native implemented girl collections of jandan. Only for studying.
fbbk-json Parse JSON-Object string (not normalized JSON string) into JSON object.
ihuyi106js iHuyi 106 SMS sender for Node.js.
illyria2 The next generation Illyria RPC SDK for Node.js.
md5-filex Calculate file checksum using MD5 in node.js native (start with reading a file).
mp4duration A Node.js package to parse mp4 file's duration.
node-constellation Calculate out which constellation one certain day is.
otrans Object key transformation for Node.js.
qqwry qqwry.dat parser and querier for Node.js.
spidex A web requester for Node.js.
true-html-escape True module to escape and unescape html, including some unicode unescaping like 〹 that other escaping modules don't include.
xto Just an API for Node.js to query each express.

Visit here to get the complete repositories list.

Members on Organizations

Organization Description
Icon nodejs Collaborator
Icon Hangzhou Node Party NodeParty Open-Source Foundation committee
Icon BoogeeDoo BoogeeDoo member
Icon akyuujs Akyuujs owner
Icon eggjs Egg.js member
Icon souche-koumakan Souche Koumakan owner
Icon ali-sdk Ali-SDK member
Icon node_modules node_modules member


Node.js Core

Repository Description Commits
nodejs/node The Node.js repository commits
libuv/libuv The event-based framework commits

Node.js Ecosystem

OpenResty && Nginx Ecosystem

Bussiness Timeline

  • Ant Financial, Hangzhou, China (2017.11 -)
  • Souche Inc, Hangzhou, China (2015.09 - 2017.11)
  • Huaban, Hangzhou, China (2014.07 - 2015.08)
  • TrananX, Ningbo, China (2012.11 - 2013.08)
  • aquaMobile, Madrid, Spain (2011.07 - 2011.10)
  • ONUOO, Remoting (2011.05 - 2012.10)

AMA (Ask Me Anything)

If you want to ask me anything, go to, I will put my answers publicly. This is inspired by

Thanks to

This CV is referred from Yorkie's CV.


CV of mine on GitHub.



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