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A emacs package for find replace, written in pure emacs lisp. Purpose similar to unix grep/sed.

This package provides the follow functions:

  • xah-find-text
  • xah-find-text-regex
  • xah-find-count
  • xah-find-replace-text
  • xah-find-replace-text-regex


• Pure emacs lisp. No dependencies on unix/linux grep/sed/find. Especially useful on Windows.

• Output is highlighted and clickable for jumping to occurence.

• Using emacs regex, not bash/perl etc regex.

• Reliably Find/Replace string that’s multiple lines.

• Reliably Find/Replace string that contains lots Unicode characters. See unix uniq unicode bug and emacs calling unix grep problem

• Reliably Find/Replace string that contains lots escape slashes or backslashes. For example, Find/Replace string that’s regex in source code.

Home page:

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