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my emacs init files
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Xah Lee authored
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.gitignore test update. misc changes updated README.
start_file_external_app.el handstand for nothing
xah_elisp_util.el am tired, dunno what am doing
xah_emacs_abbr.el normal
xah_emacs_alias.el eww
xah_emacs_atom_rss_util.el regular update
xah_emacs_blogger_util.el normal
xah_emacs_browse_url.el a Visual Dictionary of CSS
xah_emacs_file_association.el regular update
xah_emacs_font.el normal
xah_emacs_generic.el got a whim to rename everything
xah_emacs_google_earth.el normal
xah_emacs_html.el massive fix of my sins
xah_emacs_html_insert_things.el switched from region-active-p to use-region-p
xah_emacs_hyper_super_setup.el misc
xah_emacs_init.el normal
xah_emacs_keybinding.el regular update
xah_emacs_keybinding_emacs_default.el normal
xah_emacs_keybinding_ergoemacs-theme.el change for the better
xah_emacs_keybinding_functions.el Why the preponderance of animals over human images? http://wordyengli…
xah_emacs_keybinding_mode_specific.el normal
xah_emacs_keybinding_number_pad.el normal
xah_emacs_keybinding_number_pad_number.el a man has to commit
xah_emacs_keybinding_shift_switch.el normal
xah_emacs_keybinding_truly_ergonomic.el normal
xah_emacs_keybinding_unset_keys.el routine update
xah_emacs_linkify.el normal
xah_emacs_load_misc.el more change
xah_emacs_mac_os_x.el super keys
xah_emacs_misc.el normal
xah_emacs_mouse_binding.el regular update
xah_emacs_ms_windows.el regular update
xah_emacs_overlay_and_char_properties.el renamed variables to be more consistent style
xah_emacs_ref_linkify.el am tired, dunno what am doing
xah_emacs_replace_quotes.el regular update
xah_emacs_settings.el normal
xah_emacs_settings_external_packages.el regular update
xah_emacs_settings_font.el normal
xah_emacs_str_rep_func.el regular update
xah_emacs_syntax_parse.el holy goody changes
xah_emacs_unicode_input.el moved lots of files to xah fly mode
xah_emacs_url_encode_decode_defunct_2015-01-07.el removed hack of url percent encode/decode functions.
xah_emacs_vid_linkify.el change. period.
xah_emacs_wordyenglish.el refactor
xah_emacs_xahsite_fix_util.el massive fix of my sins
xah_emacs_xahsite_path_lisp_util.el regular update
xx_redo_sytax_coloring_57019.el script to redo syntax coloring

-- coding: utf-8 -- 2012-08-13

Xah Lee's emacs init files. They run on top of

this is my personal init. Not good for public use, because they very much are only for my own workflow, and are heavily experimental, and changes every few days.

for public, i recommend ergoemacs-mode

most function/tricks in my init has a corresponding page at

use the search box there.

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