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my emacs init files
Emacs Lisp
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@xahlee authored
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.gitignore test update. misc changes major change. No longer depends on ErgoEmacs distro.
start_file_external_app.el handstand for nothing
xah_elisp_util.el am tired, dunno what am doing
xah_emacs-text-selection-sync-commands.el more stuff from xah fly keys
xah_emacs_abbr.el normal
xah_emacs_alias.el major change. No longer depends on ErgoEmacs distro.
xah_emacs_atom_rss_util.el removed/renamed unit-at-cursor get-selection-or-unit
xah_emacs_blogger_util.el normal
xah_emacs_browse_url.el stuff
xah_emacs_dired_commands.el normal
xah_emacs_editing_commands.el moved lots of files to xah fly mode
xah_emacs_file_association.el regular update
xah_emacs_font.el normal
xah_emacs_generic.el fixed prev
xah_emacs_google_earth.el several function name have xah- prefix
xah_emacs_html.el normal
xah_emacs_html_insert_things.el normal
xah_emacs_html_linkify.el stuff
xah_emacs_init.el normal
xah_emacs_insert_brackets.el moved lots of files to xah fly mode
xah_emacs_keybinding.el normal
xah_emacs_keybinding_functions.el normal
xah_emacs_keybinding_mode_specific.el more stuff from xah fly keys
xah_emacs_keybinding_number_pad.el normal
xah_emacs_keybinding_number_pad_number.el a man has to commit
xah_emacs_keybinding_shift_switch.el normal
xah_emacs_keybinding_truly_ergonomic.el normal
xah_emacs_keybinding_unset_keys.el routine update
xah_emacs_load_misc.el more change
xah_emacs_mac_os_x.el super keys
xah_emacs_misc.el normal
xah_emacs_mouse_binding.el more stuff from xah fly keys
xah_emacs_mouse_commands.el stuff from xah-fly-keys
xah_emacs_ms_windows.el regular update
xah_emacs_overlay_and_char_properties.el stuff
xah_emacs_ref_linkify.el removed/renamed unit-at-cursor get-selection-or-unit
xah_emacs_replace_quotes.el normal
xah_emacs_settings.el normal
xah_emacs_settings_external_packages.el normal
xah_emacs_settings_font.el normal
xah_emacs_str_rep_func.el regular update
xah_emacs_syntax_parse.el misc trivial thing i dont recall
xah_emacs_unicode_input.el moved lots of files to xah fly mode
xah_emacs_url_encode_decode_defunct_2015-01-07.el xah find/replace pair named changed, added prefix xah-
xah_emacs_vid_linkify.el several function name have xah- prefix
xah_emacs_wordyenglish.el removed/renamed unit-at-cursor get-selection-or-unit
xah_emacs_xahsite_fix_util.el good change, that's all
xah_emacs_xahsite_path_lisp_util.el soup, its all good soup

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