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rsync-like clsync wrapper for live syncing (based on inotify)
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  1. Name

  2. Motivation

  3. How does that work

  4. Use cases

  5. Support

  6. Name

"lrsync" means "live rsync".

  1. Motivation

To make clsync more convenient and useful.

Well, honestly, this's quite useless utility because you can work with clsync directly :)

  1. How does that work

"lrsync" just parses arguments and sorts it for clsync and rsync (via clsync's "sync-handler-arguments"), after that it calls clsync this way: clsync -Klrsync -Mrsyncdirect -S path_to_rsync -W source_directory -D destination_directory -L /tmp/.lrsync clsync_arguments -- %RSYNC-ARGS% rsync_arguments. In this command clsync_arguments, rsync_arguments, source_directory and destination_directory are parsed from lrsync arguments.

You can see the result clsync command using option "--clsync-command-only". For example:

$ lrsync --exit-on-no-events --max-iterations=20 -av 1/ 2/ --clsync-command-only
clsync \
  -Klrsync \
  -Mrsyncdirect \
  -S \
  rsync \
  -W \
  1/ \
  -D \
  2/ \
  -L \
  /tmp/.lrsync \
  --exit-on-no-events \
  --max-iterations=20 \
  -- \
  -av \
  1/ \
  1. Use cases

  1. This may be useful if you have a directory that is actively updated. And you want to move it somewhere. You can just call:

    lrsync --exit-hook /root/ --exit-on-no-events --max-iterations 20 --inplace -av /usr/www/ /var/www/

  2. You want to get two directories in synchronous state:

    lrsync --delay-sync 3 --delay-collect 3 --delay-collect-bigfile 3 -av /home/dir1 /home/dir2

  3. Support


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