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My proof-of-concept exploits for the Linux kernel
C Python
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Date Link Description Vector Impact
02.2016 CVE-2016-2384 double-free in USB MIDI driver Physical + Local LPE
03.2016 prefetch-side-channel KASLR bypass via prefetch Local Infoleak
12.2016 CVE-2016-9793 signedness issue with socket buffers Local + cap_net_admin LPE
02.2017 CVE-2017-6074 double-free in DCCP protocol Local LPE
03.2017 CVE-2017-7308 signedness issue in AF_PACKET sockets Local LPE
08.2017 CVE-2017-1000112 memory corruption UDP FO code Local LPE
08.2018 CVE-2017-18344 arbitrary-read in the timer subsystem Local Infoleak
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