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Linux Kernel Exploitation

A collection of links related to Linux kernel security and exploitation.

Updated bimonthly. Pull requests are welcome as well.

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2014: "Android Hacker's Handbook" by Joshua J. Drake [book]

2012: "A Guide to Kernel Exploitation: Attacking the Core" by Enrico Perla and Massimiliano Oldani [book] [materials]



2022: "FUSE for Linux Exploitation 101" [article]

2022: "Kernel Exploit Recipes" [brochure]

2022: "pipe_buffer arbitrary read write" by Jayden R [article]

2022: "Joy of exploiting the Kernel" [slides]

2022: "An exploit primitive in the Linux kernel inspired by DirtyPipe" [article]

2022: "Pawnyable: Linux Kernel Exploitation" by ptr-yudai [articles]

2022: "DirtyCred: Escalating Privilege in Linux Kernel" [paper] [slides] [artifacts]

2022: "DirtyCred: Cautious! A New Exploitation Method! No Pipe but as Nasty as Dirty Pipe" [slides] [artifacts]

2022: "CoRJail: From Null Byte Overflow To Docker Escape Exploiting poll_list Objects In The Linux Kernel" [article]

2022: "Reviving Exploits Against Cred Structs - Six Byte Cross Cache Overflow to Leakless Data-Oriented Kernel Pwnage" [article]

2022: "USMA: Share Kernel Code With Me" by Yong Liu, Jun Yao, and Xiaodong Wang [slides] [paper] [article]

2022: "Linux kernel heap feng shui in 2022" by Michael S and Vitaly Nikolenko [article]

2022: "LiKE: A Series on Linux Kernel Exploitation" by sam4k [article] [modprobe_path]

2022: "Racing against the clock -- hitting a tiny kernel race window" by Jann Horn [article]

2022: "Playing for K(H)eaps: Understanding and Improving Linux Kernel Exploit Reliability" [paper] [artifacts]

2022: "Learning Linux kernel exploitation" by 0x434b [article] [part 2]

2021: "ExpRace: Exploiting Kernel Races through Raising Interrupts" at USENIX [paper] [slides] [video]

2021: "Utilizing msg_msg Objects for Arbitrary Read and Arbitrary Write in the Linux Kernel" [article] [part2]

2021: "Linux Kernel Exploitation Technique: Overwriting modprobe_path" [article]

2021: "Learning Linux Kernel Exploitation" [article] [part 2] [part 3]

2020: "Exploiting Kernel Races Through Taming Thread Interleaving" [slides] [video]

2020: "Locating the kernel PGD on Android/aarch64" by Vitaly Nikolenko [article]

2020: "A Systematic Study of Elastic Objects in Kernel Exploitation" [paper] [video]

2020: "Exploiting Uses of Uninitialized Stack Variables in Linux Kernels to Leak Kernel Pointers" [slides] [paper] [video]

2020: "BlindSide: Speculative Probing: Hacking Blind in the Spectre Era" [paper]

2020: "Linux Kernel Stack Smashing" by Silvio Cesare [article]

2020: "Structures that can be used in kernel exploits" [article]

2019: "Hands Off and Putting SLAB/SLUB Feng Shui in Blackbox" by Yueqi (Lewis) Chen at Black Hat Europe [slides] [code]

2019: "SLAKE: Facilitating Slab Manipulation for Exploiting Vulnerabilities in the Linux Kernel" by Yueqi (Lewis) Chen and Xinyu Xing [slides] [paper]

2019: "Exploiting Race Conditions Using the Scheduler" by Jann Horn at Linux Security Summit EU [slides] [video]

2019: "Kepler: Facilitating Control-flow Hijacking Primitive Evaluation for Linux Kernel Vulnerabilities" [slides] [video] [paper]

2019: "Leak kernel pointer by exploiting uninitialized uses in Linux kernel" by Jinbum Park [slides]

2019: "Kernel IDT priviledge escalation" [article]

2018: "FUZE: Towards Facilitating Exploit Generation for Kernel Use-After-Free Vulnerabilities" [slides] [paper]

2018: "Linux Kernel universal heap spray" by Vitaly Nikolenko [article]

2018: "Linux-Kernel-Exploit Stack Smashing" [article]

2018: "Entering God Mode  -  The Kernel Space Mirroring Attack" [article]

2018: "Mirror Mirror: Rooting Android 8 with a Kernel Space Mirroring Attack" by Wang Yong at HitB [slides]

2018: "KSMA: Breaking Android kernel isolation and Rooting with ARM MMU features" by Wang Yong at BlackHat [slides]

2018: "Still Hammerable and Exploitable: on the Effectiveness of Software-only Physical Kernel Isolation" [paper]

2018: "linux kernel pwn notes" [article]

2018: "Use of timer_list structure in linux kernel exploit" [article]

2017: "Escalating Privileges in Linux using Fault Injection" by Niek Timmers and Cristofaro Mune [slides] [video] [paper]

2017: "Kernel Driver mmap Handler Exploitation" by Mateusz Fruba [paper]

2017: "Linux kernel addr_limit bug / exploitation" by Vitaly Nikolenko [video]

2017: "The Stack Clash" by Qualys Research Team [article]

2017: "New Reliable Android Kernel Root Exploitation Techniques" [slides]

2017: "Unleashing Use-Before-Initialization Vulnerabilities in the Linux Kernel Using Targeted Stack Spraying" [paper]

2017: "Breaking KASLR with perf" by Lizzie Dixon [article]

2017: "Linux kernel exploit cheetsheet" [article]

2016: "Getting Physical Extreme abuse of Intel based Paging Systems" by Nicolas Economou and Enrique Nissim [slides]

2016: "Linux Kernel ROP - Ropping your way to # (Part 1)" by Vitaly Nikolenko [article] [exercise]

2016: "Linux Kernel ROP - Ropping your way to # (Part 2)" by Vitaly Nikolenko [article]

2016: "Exploiting COF Vulnerabilities in the Linux kernel" by Vitaly Nikolenko at Ruxcon [slides]

2016: "Using userfaultfd" by Lizzie Dixon [article]

2016: "Direct Memory Attack the Kernel" by Ulf Frisk at DEF CON [video]

2016: "Randomization Can't Stop BPF JIT Spray" by Elena Reshetova at Black Hat [slides] [video] [paper]

2015: "Kernel Data Attack is a Realistic Security Threat" [paper]

2015: "From Collision To Exploitation: Unleashing Use-After-Free Vulnerabilities in Linux Kernel" [paper]

2015: "Modern Binary Exploitation: Linux Kernel Exploitation" by Patrick Biernat [slides] [exercise]

2013: "Hacking like in the Movies: Visualizing Page Tables for Local Exploitation" at Black Hat

2013: "Exploiting linux kernel heap corruptions" by Mohamed Channam [article]

2012: "Writing kernel exploits" by Keegan McAllister [slides]

2012: "Understanding Linux Kernel Vulnerabilities" by Richard Carback [slides]

2012: "A Heap of Trouble: Breaking the Linux Kernel SLOB Allocator" by Dan Rosenberg [paper]

2012: "Attacking hardened Linux systems with kernel JIT spraying" by Keegan McAllister [article] [code 1] [code 2]

2012: "The Linux kernel memory allocators from an exploitation perspective" by Patroklos Argyroudis [article]

2012: "The Stack is Back" by Jon Oberheide [slides]

2012: "Stackjacking" by Jon Oberheide and Dan Rosenberg [slides]

2011: "Stackjacking Your Way to grsec/PaX Bypass" by Jon Oberheide [article]

2010: "Much ado about NULL: Exploiting a kernel NULL dereference" [article]

2010: "Exploiting Stack Overflows in the Linux Kernel" by Jon Oberheide [article]

2010: "Linux Kernel Exploitation: Earning Its Pwnie a Vuln at a Time" by Jon Oberheide at SOURCE Boston [slides]

2009: "There's a party at ring0, and you're invited" by Tavis Ormandy and Julien Tinnes at CanSecWest [slides]

2007: "Kernel-mode exploits primer" by Sylvester Keil and Clemens Kolbitsch [paper]

2007: "Attacking the Core : Kernel Exploiting Notes" [article]

2007: "The story of exploiting kmalloc() overflows" [article]

2007: "Linux 2.6 Kernel Exploits" by Stephane Duverger [slides]

2005: "Large memory management vulnerabilities" by Gael Delalleau at CancSecWest [slides]

2005: "The story of exploiting kmalloc() overflows" [article]

Protection Bypasses

2022: "A Dirty Little History: Bypassing Spectre Hardware Defenses to Leak Kernel Data" [slides]

2022: "Tetragone: A Lesson in Security Fundamentals" by Pawel Wieczorkiewicz and Brad Spengler [article]

2021: "A General Approach to Bypassing Many Kernel Protections and its Mitigation" by Yueqi Chen [slides] [video]

2021: "Attacking Samsung RKP" by Alexandre Adamski [article]

2020: "Things not to do when using an IOMMU" by Ilja van Sprundel and Joseph Tartaro [video]

2020: "SELinux RKP misconfiguration on Samsung S20 devices" by Vitaly Nikolenko [article]

2020: "TagBleed: Breaking KASLR on the Isolated Kernel Address Space using Tagged TLBs" [paper]

2020: "Weaknesses in Linux Kernel Heap Hardening" by Silvio Cesare [article]

2020: "An Analysis of Linux Kernel Heap Hardening" by Silvio Cesare [article]

2020: "PAN: Another day, another broken mitigation" by Siguza [article]

2019: "KNOX Kernel Mitigation Bypasses" by Dong-Hoon You at PoC [slides]

2017: "Lifting the (Hyper) Visor: Bypassing Samsung’s Real-Time Kernel Protection" by Gal Beniamini [article]

2016: "Linux Kernel x86-64 bypass SMEP - KASLR - kptr_restric" [article]

2016: "Practical SMEP bypass techniques on Linux" by Vitaly Nikolenko at KIWICON [slides]

2016: "Micro architecture attacks on KASLR" by Anders Fogh" [article]

2016: "Jump Over ASLR: Attacking Branch Predictors to Bypass ASLR" by Dmitry Evtyushkin, Dmitry Ponomarev and Nael Abu-Ghazaleh [slides]

2016: "Prefetch Side-Channel Attacks: Bypassing SMAP and Kernel ASLR" by Daniel Gruss, Clementine Maurice, Anders Fogh, Moritz Lipp and Stefan Mangard at CCS [video]

2016: "Using Undocumented CPU Behavior to See Into Kernel Mode and Break KASLR in the Process" at Black Hat [video]

2016: "Breaking KASLR with Intel TSX" Yeongjin Jang, Sangho Lee and Taesoo Kim at Black Hat [slides] [video]

2016: "Breaking KASLR with micro architecture" by Anders Fogh [article]

2015: "Effectively bypassing kptr_restrict on Android" by Gal Beniamini [article]

2014: "ret2dir: Deconstructing Kernel Isolation" by Vasileios P. Kemerlis, Michalis Polychronakis and Angelos D. Keromytis at Black Hat Europe [paper] [video]

2013: "A Linux Memory Trick" by Dan Rosenberg [article]

2011: "SMEP: What is It, and How to Beat It on Linux" by Dan Rosenberg [article]

2009: "Bypassing Linux' NULL pointer dereference exploit prevention (mmap_min_addr)" [article]


Project Zero bug reports

Linux Kernel CVEs

Assorted advisories by Gyorgy Miru and kutyacica


2022: "EntryBleed: Breaking KASLR under KPTI with Prefetch (CVE-2022-4543)" [article] [CVE-2022-4543]

2022: "Yet another bug into Netfilter" by Arthur Mongodin [article] [CVE-2022-1972]

2022: "The AMD Branch (Mis)predictor: Just Set it and Forget it!" by Pawel Wieczorkiewicz [article] [Spectre]

2022: "The AMD Branch (Mis)predictor Part 2: Where No CPU has Gone Before (CVE-2021-26341)" by Pawel Wieczorkiewicz [article] [Spectre]

2021: "Samsung S10+/S9 kernel 4.14 (Android 10) Kernel Function Address (.text) and Heap Address Information Leak" [article] [CVE-TBD]

2021: "Linux Kernel /proc/pid/syscall information disclosure vulnerability" [article] [CVE-2020-28588]

2021: "Spectre exploits in the "wild"" [article]

2021: "VDSO As A Potential KASLR Oracle" by Philip Pettersson and Alex Radocea [article]

2020: "PLATYPUS: Software-based Power Side-Channel Attacks on x86" [paper]

2019: "CVE-2018-3639 / CVE-2019-7308 - Analysis of Spectre Attacking Linux Kernel ebpf" [article] [CVE-2018-3639, CVE-2019-7308]

2019: "From IP ID to Device ID and KASLR Bypass (Extended Version)" [paper]

2018: "Kernel Memory disclosure & CANVAS Part 1 - Spectre: tips & tricks" [article] [Spectre]

2018: "Kernel Memory disclosure & CANVAS Part 2 - CVE-2017-18344 analysis & exploitation notes" [article] [CVE-2017-18344]

2018: "CVE-2017-18344: Exploiting an arbitrary-read vulnerability in the Linux kernel timer subsystem" by Andrey Konovalov [article] [CVE-2017-18344]

2017: "Linux kernel 2.6.0 to 4.12-rc4 infoleak due to a data race in ALSA timer" by Alexander Potapenko [announcement] [CVE-2017-1000380]

2017: "The Infoleak that (Mostly) Wasn't" by Brad Spengler [article] [CVE-2017-7616]

2016: "Exploiting a Linux Kernel Infoleak to bypass Linux kASLR" [article]

2010: "Linux Kernel pktcdvd Memory Disclosure" by Jon Oberheide [article] [CVE-2010-3437]

2009: "Linux Kernel x86-64 Register Leak" by Jon Oberheide [article] [CVE-2009-2910]

2009: "Linux Kernel getname() Stack Memory Disclosures" by Jon Oberheide [article] [CVE-2009-3001]


2023: "Pwning the all Google phone with a non-Google bug" [article]

2022: "Linux Kernel: Exploiting a Netfilter Use-after-Free in kmalloc-cg" by Sergi Martinez [article] [CVE-2022-32250]

2022: "Exploiting CVE-2022-42703 - Bringing back the stack attack" by Seth Jenkins [article] [CVE-2022-42703]

2022: "CVE-2022-2602: DirtyCred File Exploitation applied on an io_uring UAF" [article] [CVE-2022-2602]

2022: "DirtyCred Remastered: how to turn an UAF into Privilege Escalation" [article] [CVE-2022-2602]

2022: "Exploiting cross table object reference in Linux Netfilter table (NFT) module" [slides] [CVE-2022-2078] [CVE-2022-2586]

2022: "Linux Kernel n-day exploit development" [article] [CVE-2020-27786]

2022: "Linux Kernel Exploit Development: 1day case study" by Alessandro Groppo [article] [CVE-2020-27786]

2022: "[CVE-2022-1786] A Journey To The Dawn" [article] [CVE-2022-1786]

2022: "A Very Powerful Clipboard: Analysis of a Samsung in-the-wild exploit chain" by Maddie Stone [article] [CVE-2021-25369] [CVE-2021-25370]

2022: "Attacking the Android kernel using the Qualcomm TrustZone" by Tamir Zahavi-Brunner [article] [video] [CVE-2021-1961]

2022: "SETTLERS OF NETLINK: Exploiting a limited UAF in nf_tables (CVE-2022-32250)" [article] [slides] [video] [CVE-2022-32250]

2022: "Linux Kernel Exploit (CVE-2022-32250) with mqueue" [article] [CVE-2022-32250]

2022: "N-day exploit for CVE-2022-2586: Linux kernel nft_object UAF" by Alejandro Guerrero [article] [CVE-2022-2586]

2022: "Monitoring Surveillance Vendors: A Deep Dive into In-the-Wild Android Full Chains in 2021" [slides] [CVE-2021-0920]

2022: "CVE-2022-29582: An io_uring vulnerability" by Awarau and David Bouman [article] [CVE-2022-29582]

2022: "Linux kernel io_uring module pbuf_ring vulnerability and privilege escalation 0day" [article]

2022: "Corrupting memory without memory corruption" by Man Yue Mo [article] [CVE-2022-20186]

2022: "[CVE-2022-34918] A crack in the Linux firewall" by Arthur Mongodin [article] [CVE-2022-34918] [exploit]

2022: "CVE-2022-34918: netfilter analysis notes" [article] [CVE-2022-34918]

2022: "Practice of USMA-based Kernel Universal EXP Writing Ideas on CVE-2022-34918" [article] [CVE-2022-34918]

2022: "The Android kernel mitigations obstacle race" by Man Yue Mo [article] [CVE-2022-22057]

2022: "io_uring - new code, new bugs, and a new exploit technique" by Lam Jun Rong [article] [CVE-2021-41073]

2022: "Exploration of the Dirty Pipe Vulnerability (CVE-2022-0847)" by lolcads [article] [CVE-2022-0847]

2022: "DirtyPipe-Android/" by polygraphene [article] [CVE-2022-0847]

2022: "Weaponizing dirtypipe on android" by Giovanni Rocca [slides] [exploit] [CVE-2022-0847]

2022: "How The Tables Have Turned: An analysis of two new Linux vulnerabilities in nf_tables" by David Bouman [CVE-2022-1015] [CVE-2022-1016]

2022: "The Discovery and Exploitation of CVE-2022-25636" by Nick Gregory [article] [CVE-2022-25636]

2022: "CVE-2022-27666: Exploit esp6 modules in Linux kernel" by ETenal [article] [CVE-2022-27666]

2022: "Put an io_uring on it: Exploiting the Linux Kernel" by Valentina Palmiotti [article] [CVE-2021-41073]

2022: "The Dirty Pipe Vulnerability" by Max Kellermann [article] [CVE-2022-0847]

2022: "CVE-2022-0185 - Winning a $31337 Bounty after Pwning Ubuntu and Escaping Google's KCTF Containers" [article] [CVE-2022-0185]

2022: "CVE-2022-0185: Linux kernel slab out-of-bounds write: exploit and writeup" by Alejandro Guerrero [article] [CVE-2022-0185]

2022: "CVE-2022-0185: A Case Study" [article] [CVE-2022-0185]

2022: "CVE-2022-0185: Analysis and utilization and thinking and practice of new primitives for pipe" [article] [CVE-2022-0185]

2022: "Linux kernel Use-After-Free (CVE-2021-23134) PoC" [article] [CVE-2021-23134]

2022: "Exploiting CVE-2021-26708 (Linux kernel) with ssh" [article] [CVE-2021-26708]

2022: "exploiting CVE-2019-2215" by cutesmilee [article] [CVE-2019-2215]

2021: "Your Trash Kernel Bug, My Precious 0-day" by Zhenpeng Lin [slides] [CVE-2021-3715]

2021: "[CVE-2021-42008] Exploiting A 16-Year-Old Vulnerability In The Linux 6pack Driver" [article] [CVE-2021-42008]

2021: "PWN2OWN Local Escalation of Privilege Category, Ubuntu Desktop Exploit" [article] [CVE-TBD]

2021: "Reversing and Exploiting Samsung's NPU" by Maxime Peterlin [article] [part 2] slides

2021: "Fall of the machines: Exploiting the Qualcomm NPU (neural processing unit) kernel driver" by Man Yue Mo [article] [CVE-2021-1940, CVE-2021-1968, CVE-2021-1969]

2021: "Exploiting CVE-2021-43267" by Blasty [article] [CVE-2021-43267]

2021: "How a simple Linux kernel memory corruption bug can lead to complete system compromise" by Jann Horn [article] [CVE-TBD]

2021: "SuDump: Exploiting suid binaries through the kernel" by Itai Greenhut [article] [CVE-TBD]

2021: "CVE-2021-34866 Writeup" by HexRabbit [article] [CVE-2021-34866]

2021: "Kernel Pwning with eBPF: a Love Story" by Valentina Palmiotti [article] [CVE-2021-3490]

2021: "The Art of Exploiting UAF by Ret2bpf in Android Kernel" by Xingyu Jin and Richard Neal [article] [slides] [video] [CVE-2021-0399]

2021: "Internal of the Android kernel backdoor vulnerability" [article] [CVE-2021-28663]

2021: "Escape from chrome sandbox to root" [article] [CVE-2020-0423]

2021: "CVE-2017-11176" by Maher Azzouzi [article] [CVE-2017-11176]

2021: "Sequoia: A deep root in Linux's filesystem layer (CVE-2021-33909)" by Qualys Research Team [article] [CVE-2021-33909]

2021: "CVE-2021-22555: Turning \x00\x00 into 10000$" by Andy Nguyen [CVE-2021-22555, article]

2021: "Exploitation of a double free vulnerability in Ubuntu shiftfs driver (CVE-2021-3492)" by Vincent Dehors [article] [CVE-2021-3492]

2021: "CVE-2021-20226 a reference counting bug which leads to local privilege escalation in io_uring" [article] [CVE-2021–20226]

2021: "CVE-2021-32606: CAN ISOTP local privilege escalation" [article] [CVE-2021-32606]

2021: "CVE-2021-3609: CAN BCM local privilege escalation" [article] [announcement] [CVE-2021-3609]

2021: "Blue Klotski (CVE-2021-3573) and the story for fixing" by f0rm2l1n [article] [announcement] [CVE-2021-3573]

2021: "ZDI-20-1440: An Incorrect Calculation Bug in the Linux Kernel eBPF Verifier" by Lucas Leong [article]

2021: "ZDI-20-1440 Writeup" by HexRabbit [article]

2021: "SSD Advisory – OverlayFS PE" [article] [CVE-2021-3493]

2021: "[BugTales] A Nerve-Racking Bug Collision in Samsung's NPU Driver" by Gyorgy Miru [article] [CVE-2020-28343, SVE-2020-18610]

2021: "CVE-2021-20226: A Reference-Counting Bug in the Linux Kernel io_uring Subsystem" by Lucas Leong [article] [CVE-2021-20226]

2021: "One day short of a full chain: Part 1 - Android Kernel arbitrary code execution" by Man Yue Mo [article] [GHSL-2020-375]

2021: "New Old Bugs in the Linux Kernel" [article] [CVE-2021-27365, CVE-2021-27363, CVE-2021-27364]

2021: "Four Bytes of Power: exploiting CVE-2021-26708 in the Linux kernel" [article] [slides] [video] [CVE-2021-26708]

2021: "Improving the exploit for CVE-2021-26708 in the Linux kernel to bypass LKRG" by Alexander Popov [article] [slides] [video]

2021: "Gaining root access in Linux using the CVE-2021-26708 vulnerability" by Markel Azpeitia Loiti [paper]

2021: "CVE-2014-3153" by Maher Azzouzi [article] [CVE-2014-3153]

2021: "The curious case of CVE-2020-14381" [article] [CVE-2020-14381]

2021: "Galaxy's Meltdown - Exploiting SVE-2020-18610" [article] [CVE-2020-28343, SVE-2020-18610]

2021: "In-the-Wild Series: Android Exploits" by Mark Brand [article]

2021: "Exploiting CVE-2014-3153 (Towelroot)" by Elon Gliksberg [article] [CVE-2014-3153]

2021: "CVE-2014-3153" by Maher Azzouzi [article] [CVE-2014-3153]

2020: "An iOS hacker tries Android" by Brandon Azad [article] [CVE-2020-28343, SVE-2020-18610]

2020: "Exploiting a Single Instruction Race Condition in Binder" [article] [CVE-2020-0423]

2020: "Three Dark clouds over the Android kernel" by Jun Yao [slides] [CVE-2020-3680]

2020: "Kernel Exploitation With A File System Fuzzer" [slides] [video] [CVE-2019-19377]

2020: "Finding and exploiting a bug (LPE) in an old Android phone" by Brandon Falk [stream] [part 2] [summary]

2020: "CVE-2020-14386: Privilege Escalation Vulnerability in the Linux kernel" by Or Cohen [article] [CVE-2020-14386]

2020: "Attacking the Qualcomm Adreno GPU" by Ben Hawkes [article] [CVE-2020-11179]

2020: "TiYunZong: An Exploit Chain to Remotely Root Modern Android Devices" by Guang Gong at Black Hat [slides] [paper] [CVE-2019-10567]

2020: "Binder - Analysis and exploitation of CVE-2020-0041" by Jean-Baptiste Cayrou [article] [CVE-2020-0041]

2020: "Binder IPC and its vulnerabilities" by Jean-Baptiste Cayrou at THCON [slides] [CVE-2019-2215, CVE-2019-2025, CVE-2019-2181, CVE-2019-2214, CVE-2020-0041]

2020: "Exploiting CVE-2020-0041 - Part 2: Escalating to root" by Eloi Sanfelix and Jordan Gruskovnjak [article] [CVE-2020-0041]

2020: "A bug collision tale" by Eloi Sanfelix at OffensiveCon [slides] [video] [CVE-2019-2025]

2020: "CVE-2020-8835: Linux Kernel Privilege Escalation via Improper eBPF Program Verification" by Manfred Paul [article] [CVE-2020-8835]

2020: "Mitigations are attack surface, too" by Jann Horn [article]

2020: "CVE-2019-18683: Exploiting a Linux kernel vulnerability in the V4L2 subsystem" by Alexander Popov [article] [slides] [CVE-2019-18683]

2020: "Multiple Kernel Vulnerabilities Affecting All Qualcomm Devices" by Tamir Zahavi-Brunner [article] [CVE-2019-14040, CVE-2019-14041]

2019: "CVE-2017-16995 Analysis - eBPF Sign Extension LPE" by senyuuri [article] [CVE-2017-16995]

2019: "Kernel Research / mmap handler exploitation" by deshal3v[article] [CVE-2019-18675]

2019: "Bad Binder: Android In-The-Wild Exploit" by Maddie Stone [article] [CVE-2019-2215]

2019: "Analyzing Android's CVE-2019-2215 (/dev/binder UAF)" [article] [CVE-2019-2215]

2019: "Stream Cut: Android Kernel Exploitation with Binder Use-After-Free (CVE-2019-2215)" [video] [CVE-2019-2215]

2019: "CVE-2019-2215 - Android kernel binder vulnerability analysis" [article] [CVE-2019-2215]

2019: "Deep Analysis of Exploitable Linux Kernel Vulnerabilities" by Tong Lin and Luhai Chen at Linux Security Summit EU [video] [CVE-2017-16995, CVE-2017-10661]

2019: "Tailoring CVE-2019-2215 to Achieve Root" by Grant Hernandez [article] [CVE-2019-2215]

2019: "From Zero to Root: Building Universal Android Rooting with a Type Confusion Vulnerability" by Wang Yong [slides] [CVE-2018-9568, WrongZone]

2019: "KARMA takes a look at offense and defense: WrongZone from exploitation to repair" [article] [CVE-2018-9568, WrongZone]

2019: "Android Binder: The Bridge To Root" by Hongli Han and Mingjian Zhou [slides] [CVE-2019-2025]

2019: "The ‘Waterdrop’ in Android: A Binder Kernel Vulnerability" by Hongli Han [article] [CVE-2019-2025]

2019: "An Exercise in Practical Container Escapology" by Nick Freeman [article] [CVE-2017-1000112]

2019: "Taking a page from the kernel's book: A TLB issue in mremap()" by Jann Horn [article] [CVE-2018-18281]

2019: "CVE-2018-18281 - Analysis of TLB Vulnerabilities in Linux Kernel" [article]

2019: "Analysis of Linux xfrm Module Cross-Border Read-Write Escalation Vulnerability (CVE-2017-7184)" [article] [CVE-2017-7184]

2019: "Analysis of Escalation Vulnerability Caused by Integer Extension of Linux ebpf Module (CVE-2017-16995)" [article] [CVE-2017-16995]

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Finding Bugs

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2022: "Syzkaller diving 02: How syzkaller describe syscalls" by f0rm2l1n [article]

2022: "Syzkaller diving 03: What is the remote KCOV?" by f0rm2l1n [article]

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2021: "CVEHound: Audit Kernel Sources for Missing CVE Fixes" by Denis Efremov [slides] [video]

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2021: "Triaging Kernel Out-Of-Bounds Write Vulnerabilities" by Weiteng Chen [slides] [video]

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2021: "Snowboard: Finding Kernel Concurrency Bugs through Systematic Inter-thread Communication Analysis" [paper]

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2020: "Fuzzing the Linux kernel (x86) entry code, Part 2 of 3" by Vegard Nossum [article]

2020: "Fuzzing the Linux kernel (x86) entry code, Part 3 of 3" by Vegard Nossum [article]

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2020: "Analyzing the Linux Kernel in Userland with AFL and KLEE" [article]

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2009: "Opensource Kernel Auditing and Exploitation" by Silvio Cesare at DEF CON [video]


"Linux Kernel Defence Map" by Alexander Popov

2022: "Canary in the Kernel Mine: Exploiting and Defending Against Same-Type Object Reuse" by Mathias Krause [article] [reference exploits]

2022: "Making Linux Kernel Exploit Cooking Harder" [article] [reference exploits] [proposed mitigations]

2022: "Where are we on security features?" [slides] [video]

2022: "Control-Flow Integrity Kernel Support" [slides] [video]

2022: "HotBPF - An On-demand and On-the-fly Memory Protection for the Linux Kernel" [video]

2022: "Mind The Gap - The Linux Ecosystem Kernel Patch Gap" by Jakob Lell & Regina Biro [video]

2022: "The exploit recon 'msg_msg' and its mitigation in VED" [article]

2022: "Return to sender: Detecting kernel exploits with eBPF" by Guillaume Fournier at Black Hat USA [slides] [code]

2022: "Meaningful Bounds Checking in the Linux Kernel" by Kees Cook [slides]

2022: "Compilers: The Old New Security Frontier" by Brad Spengler [slides]

2022: "In-Kernel Control-Flow Integrity on Commodity OSes using ARM Pointer Authentication" [paper] [slides]

2022: "Preventing Kernel Hacks with HAKC" [paper]

2022: "Mitigating Processor Vulnerabilities by Restructuring the Kernel Address Space" by Sebastian Eydam [slides]

2022: "Meaningful Bounds Checking in the Linux Kernel" by Kees Cook at Linux Conf AU [slides] [video]

2022: "Mitigating kernel risks on 32-bit ARM" by Ard Biesheuvel [article]

2022: "Kernel Hardening for 32-bit Arm Processors" by Keith Packard at Linux Conf AU [video]

2021: "Mitigating Linux kernel memory corruptions with Arm Memory Tagging" by Andrey Konovalov [slides] [video]

2021: "Attack surface analysis of the Linux kernel based on complexity metrics" by Stefan Bavendiek [thesis]

2021: "Midas: Systematic Kernel TOCTTOU Protection" at USENIX [paper] [slides]

2021: "Undo Workarounds for Kernel Bugs" at USENIX [paper] [slides] [video]

2021: "SHARD: Fine-Grained Kernel Specialization with Context-Aware Hardening" at USENIX [slides] [video]

2021: "Mitigation of Kernel Memory Corruption Using Multiple Kernel Memory Mechanism" [paper]

2021: "Hardware-Assisted Fine-Grained Control-Flow Integrity: Adding Lasers to Intel's CET/IBT" by Joao Moreira [slides] [video]

2021: "Kernel Self-Protection Project" by Kees Cook [slides] [video]

2021: "Compiler Features for Kernel Security" by Kees Cook [slides] [video]

2021: "A proof-carrying approach to building correct and flexible in-kernel verifiers" [slides] [video]

2021: "How AUTOSLAB Changes the Memory Unsafety Game" by Zhenpeng Lin [article]

2021: "security things in Linux vX.X" by Kees Cook [articles]

2021: "Undo Workarounds for Kernel Bugs" [paper]

2020: "Kernel Integrity Enforcement with HLAT In a Virtual Machine" by Chao Gao [slides] [video]

2020: "Linux kernel heap quarantine versus use-after-free exploits" by Alexander Popov [article]

2020: "State of Linux kernel security" by Dmitry Vyukov [slides] [video]

2020: "LKRG IN A NUTSHELL" by Adam Zabrocki at OSTconf [slides]

2020: "Following the Linux Kernel Defence Map" by Alexander Popov at Linux Plumbers [slides] [video]

2020: "Memory Tagging for the Kernel: Tag-Based KASAN" by Andrey Konovalov [slides] [video]

2020: "10 Years of Linux Security - A Report Card" by Bradley Spengler [slides] [video]

2020: "Control Flow Integrity in the Linux Kernel" by Kees Cook at [slides] [video]

2020: "Identification of Kernel Memory Corruption Using Kernel Memory Secret Observation Mechanism" [paper]

2019: "Camouflage: Hardware-assisted CFI for the ARM Linux kernel" [paper]

2019: "A New Proposal for Protecting Kernel Data Memory" by Igor Stoppa at Linux Security Summit EU [video]

2019: "Control-Flow Integrity for the Linux kernel: A Security Evaluation" by Federico Manuel Bento [thesis]

2019: "Kernel Self-Protection Project" by Kees Cook [slides]

2019: "Touch but don’t look - Running the Kernel in Execute-only memory" by Rick Edgecombe [slides]

2019: "Breaking and Protecting Linux Kernel Stack" by Elena Reshetova [video]

2019: "Making C Less Dangerous in the Linux Kernel" by Kees Cook [slides]

2019: "Mitigation for the Kernel Space Mirroring Attack (内核镜像攻击的缓解措施)" [article]

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2017: "KASLR is Dead: Long Live KASLR" [paper]

2017: "Honey, I shrunk the attack surface – Adventures in Android security hardening" by Nick Kralevich [video]

2017: "Fine Grained Control-Flow Integrity for The Linux Kernel" by Sandro Rigo, Michalis Polychronakis, Vasileios Kemerlis [slides]

2016: "Thwarting unknown bugs: hardening features in the mainline Linux kernel" by Mark Rutland [slides]

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2015: "RAP: RIP ROP" [slides]

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2014: "Kernel Self-Protection through Quantified Attack Surface Reduction" by Anil Kurmus [paper]

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2011: "Linux kernel vulnerabilities: State-of-the-art defenses and open problems" [paper]

2009: "Linux Kernel Heap Tampering Detection" by Larry Highsmith [article]


Project Zero bug reports [2010-2011] (CVE-2017-1000112 exploit with LKRG bypass) [FUZE] [KEPLER]

Linux Kernel SCTP FORWARD-TSN Chunk Memory Corruption Remote Exploit [CVE-2009-0065]


Fuzzers [race-condition]


Kernel Address Space Layout Derandomization (KASLD)



2021: "Linux kernel exploit development" [workshop]

2020: " Module: Kernel Security" [workshop]

2020: "Android Kernel Exploitation" by Ashfaq Ansari [workshop]

CTF Tasks

D^3CTF 2022 (d3bpf): writeup, writeup 2

zer0pts CTF 2022 (kRCE): writeup

VULNCON CTF 2021 (IPS): writeup, writeup 2

N1 CTF 2021 (baby-guess): source, writeup

Balsn CTF 2021 (futex): source, writeup

TSG CTF 2021 (lkgit): writeup, writeup 2, writeup 3

Midnightsun Quals 2021 (BroHammer): writeup

0ctf2021 (kernote): source, exploit, and writeup, writeup 2

corCTF 2021 (fire-of-salvation): source, writeup

corCTF 2021 (wall-of-perdition): source, writeup

Google CTF 2021 (pwn-fullchain): source, writeup

Google CTF 2021 (pwn-ebpf): source, writeup

3kCTF 2021 (echo): source and exploit

3kCTF 2021 (klibrary): source, writeup

DEF CON CTF Qualifier 2021 (pza999): source and exploit

DiceCTF 2021 (HashBrown): writeup

hxp CTF 2020 (pfoten): source, writeup

CUCTF 2020 (Hotrod): writeup

SpamAndFlags 2020 (Secstore): writeup

BSidesTLV CTF 2020 (Kapara): writeup and exploit, video writeup

HITCON CTF 2020 (spark): source and exploit #1, writeup and exploit #2, exploit #3

HITCON CTF 2020 (atoms): source and exploit

N1 CTF 2020 (W2L): writeup

Seccon Online 2020 (Kstack): source, exploit, and writeup

TokyoWesterns CTF 2020 (EEBPF): source, writeup

r2con CTF 2020: source, exploit

ASIS CTF 2020 (Shared House): writeup

DEF CON CTF Qualifier 2020 (fungez): source, exploit and writeup

DEF CON CTF Qualifier 2020 (keml): source, exploit

zer0pts CTF 2020 (meow): writeup

De1CTF 2019 (Race): writeup and exploit

r2con CTF 2019: source, exploit, and writeup

HITCON CTF Quals 2019 (PoE): source and exploit

Balsn CTF 2019 (KrazyNote): exploit, writeup

TokyoWesterns CTF 2019 (gnote): writeup, video part 1, part 2

Security Fest 2019 (brainfuck64): writeup

Insomni'hack teaser 2019 (1118daysober): writeup 1, writeup 2

hxp CTF 2018 (Green Computing): writeup

WCTF 2018 (cpf): source, writeup, and exploit

SECT CTF 2018 (Gh0st): writeup

TWCTF 2018 (ReadableKernelModule): writeup

NCSTISC 2018 (babydriver): writeup, source and exploit

Sharif CTF 2018 (kdb): writeup, source and exploit

N1CTF 2018: writeup

Blaze2018 (blazeme): source and exploit 1, soure and exploit 2

QWB2018 (solid_core): writeup, exploit 1, exploit 2, exploit 3

0ctf2018: writeup 1, writeup 2

TCTF 2017 (cred_jar): writeup

0ctf2017: source and exploit 1, source and exploit 2

0ctf2016: writeup, exploit

Insomni’hack finals 2015: writeup, source and exploit

CSAW CTF 2015: writeup 1, writeup 2, source and exploit

CSAW CTF 2014: source and exploit

CSAW CTF 2013: writeup, source and exploit

PlaidCTF 2013 (Servr): writeup, source

CSAW CTF 2011: writeup, source

rwth2011 CTF (ps3game): writeup

CSAW CTF 2010: writeup, source, source and exploit

Other tasks tasks (syscall, rootkit, softmmu, towelroot, kcrc, exynos)




2022: "Mind the Gap" by Ian Beer [article]

2022: "Designing subsystems for FUZZ-ability" by Dmitry Vyukov [slides] [video]

2022: "Making syzbot reports more developer-friendly" by Aleksandr Nogikh [slides] [video]

2022: "Peeking into the BPF verifier" by Shung-Hsi Yu [slides]

2022: "So You Wanna Pwn The Kernel?" by Samuel Page [article]

2022: "Automated RE of Kernel Configurations" by zznop [article]

2021: "An Investigation of the Android Kernel Patch Ecosystem" at USENIX [paper] [slides] [video]

2021: "The Complicated History of a Simple Linux Kernel API" [article]

2021: "On the Feasibility of Stealthily Introducing Vulnerabilities in Open-Source Software via Hypocrite Commit" [paper]

2020: "Checklist for when you get stuck with a Kernel Exploit" [article]

2020: "Android / Linux SLUB aliasing for general- and special-purpose caches" by Vitaly Nikolenko [video]

grsecurity CVE-Dataset [spreadsheet]


A collection of links related to Linux kernel security and exploitation








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