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" Vim color file
" Maintainer: Jonathan Filip <>
" Last Modified: Wed Oct 21, 2009 11:39AM
" Version: 3.1
" GUI / 256 color terminal
" I started out trying to combine my favorite parts of other schemes and ended
" up with this (oceandeep, moria, peaksea, wombat, zenburn).
" This file also tries to have descriptive comments for each higlighting group
" so it is easy to understand what each part does.
hi clear
if exists("syntax_on")
syntax reset
let colors_name="lucius"
" Some other colors to save
" blue: 3eb8e5
" green: 92d400
" c green: d5f876, cae682
" new blue: 002D62
" new gray: CCCCCC
" Base color
" ----------
hi Normal guifg=#e0e0e0 guibg=#202020
hi Normal ctermfg=253 ctermbg=235
" Comment Group
" -------------
" any comment
hi Comment guifg=#909090 gui=none
hi Comment ctermfg=247 cterm=none
" Constant Group
" --------------
" any constant
hi Constant guifg=#8cd0d3 gui=none
hi Constant ctermfg=116 cterm=none
" strings
hi String guifg=#80c0d9 gui=none
hi String ctermfg=110 cterm=none
" character constant
hi Character guifg=#80c0d9 gui=none
hi Character ctermfg=110 cterm=none
" numbers decimal/hex
hi Number guifg=#8cd0d3 gui=none
hi Number ctermfg=116 cterm=none
" true, false
hi Boolean guifg=#8cd0d3 gui=none
hi Boolean ctermfg=116 cterm=none
" float
hi Float guifg=#8cd0d3 gui=none
hi Float ctermfg=116 cterm=none
" Identifier Group
" ----------------
" any variable name
hi Identifier guifg=#efaf7f gui=none
hi Identifier ctermfg=216 cterm=none
" function, method, class
hi Function guifg=#efaf7f gui=none
hi Function ctermfg=216 cterm=none
" Statement Group
" ---------------
" any statement
hi Statement guifg=#b3d38c gui=none
hi Statement ctermfg=150 cterm=none
" if, then, else
hi Conditional guifg=#b3d38c gui=none
hi Conditional ctermfg=150 cterm=none
" try, catch, throw, raise
hi Exception guifg=#b3d38c gui=none
hi Exception ctermfg=150 cterm=none
" for, while, do
hi Repeat guifg=#b3d38c gui=none
hi Repeat ctermfg=150 cterm=none
" case, default
hi Label guifg=#b3d38c gui=none
hi Label ctermfg=150 cterm=none
" sizeof, +, *
hi Operator guifg=#b3d38c gui=none
hi Operator ctermfg=150 cterm=none
" any other keyword
hi Keyword guifg=#b3d38c gui=none
hi Keyword ctermfg=150 cterm=none
" Preprocessor Group
" ------------------
" generic preprocessor
hi PreProc guifg=#f0dfaf gui=none
hi PreProc ctermfg=223 cterm=none
" #include
hi Include guifg=#f0dfaf gui=none
hi Include ctermfg=223 cterm=none
" #define
hi Define guifg=#f0dfaf gui=none
hi Define ctermfg=223 cterm=none
" same as define
hi Macro guifg=#f0dfaf gui=none
hi Macro ctermfg=223 cterm=none
" #if, #else, #endif
hi PreCondit guifg=#f0dfaf gui=none
hi PreCondit ctermfg=223 cterm=none
" Type Group
" ----------
" int, long, char
hi Type guifg=#93d6a9 gui=none
hi Type ctermfg=115 cterm=none
" static, register, volative
hi StorageClass guifg=#93d6a9 gui=none
hi StorageClass ctermfg=115 cterm=none
" struct, union, enum
hi Structure guifg=#93d6a9 gui=none
hi Structure ctermfg=115 cterm=none
" typedef
hi Typedef guifg=#93d6a9 gui=none
hi Typedef ctermfg=115 cterm=none
" Special Group
" -------------
" any special symbol
hi Special guifg=#cca3b3 gui=none
hi Special ctermfg=181 cterm=none
" special character in a constant
hi SpecialChar guifg=#cca3b3 gui=none
hi SpecialChar ctermfg=181 cterm=none
" things you can CTRL-]
hi Tag guifg=#cca3b3 gui=none
hi Tag ctermfg=181 cterm=none
" character that needs attention
hi Delimiter guifg=#cca3b3 gui=none
hi Delimiter ctermfg=181 cterm=none
" special things inside a comment
hi SpecialComment guifg=#cca3b3 gui=none
hi SpecialComment ctermfg=181 cterm=none
" debugging statements
hi Debug guifg=#cca3b3 guibg=NONE gui=none
hi Debug ctermfg=181 ctermbg=NONE cterm=none
" Underlined Group
" ----------------
" text that stands out, html links
hi Underlined guifg=fg gui=underline
hi Underlined ctermfg=fg cterm=underline
" Ignore Group
" ------------
" left blank, hidden
hi Ignore guifg=bg
hi Ignore ctermfg=bg
" Error Group
" -----------
" any erroneous construct
hi Error guifg=#e37170 guibg=#432323 gui=none
hi Error ctermfg=167 ctermbg=52 cterm=none
" Todo Group
" ----------
" todo, fixme, note, xxx
hi Todo guifg=#efef8f guibg=NONE gui=underline
hi Todo ctermfg=228 ctermbg=NONE cterm=underline
" Spelling
" --------
" word not recognized
hi SpellBad guisp=#ee0000 gui=undercurl
hi SpellBad ctermbg=52 cterm=undercurl
" word not capitalized
hi SpellCap guisp=#eeee00 gui=undercurl
hi SpellCap ctermbg=12 cterm=undercurl
" rare word
hi SpellRare guisp=#ffa500 gui=undercurl
hi SpellRare ctermbg=13 cterm=undercurl
" wrong spelling for selected region
hi SpellLocal guisp=#ffa500 gui=undercurl
hi SpellLocal ctermbg=14 cterm=undercurl
" Cursor
" ------
" character under the cursor
hi Cursor guifg=bg guibg=#a3e3ed
hi Cursor ctermfg=bg ctermbg=153
" like cursor, but used when in IME mode
hi CursorIM guifg=bg guibg=#96cdcd
hi CursorIM ctermfg=bg ctermbg=116
" cursor column
hi CursorColumn guifg=NONE guibg=#202438 gui=none
hi CursorColumn ctermfg=NONE ctermbg=236 cterm=none
" cursor line/row
hi CursorLine gui=NONE guibg=#202438 gui=none
hi CursorLine cterm=NONE ctermbg=236 cterm=none
" Misc
" ----
" directory names and other special names in listings
hi Directory guifg=#c0e0b0 gui=none
hi Directory ctermfg=151 cterm=none
" error messages on the command line
hi ErrorMsg guifg=#ee0000 guibg=NONE gui=none
hi ErrorMsg ctermfg=196 ctermbg=NONE cterm=none
" column separating vertically split windows
hi VertSplit guifg=#777777 guibg=#363946 gui=none
hi VertSplit ctermfg=242 ctermbg=237 cterm=none
" columns where signs are displayed (used in IDEs)
hi SignColumn guifg=#9fafaf guibg=#181818 gui=none
hi SignColumn ctermfg=145 ctermbg=233 cterm=none
" line numbers
hi LineNr guifg=#818698 guibg=#363946
hi LineNr ctermfg=102 ctermbg=237
" match parenthesis, brackets
hi MatchParen guifg=#00ff00 guibg=NONE gui=bold
hi MatchParen ctermfg=46 ctermbg=NONE cterm=bold
" the 'more' prompt when output takes more than one line
hi MoreMsg guifg=#2e8b57 gui=none
hi MoreMsg ctermfg=29 cterm=none
" text showing what mode you are in
hi ModeMsg guifg=#76d5f8 guibg=NONE gui=none
hi ModeMsg ctermfg=117 ctermbg=NONE cterm=none
" the '~' and '@' and showbreak, '>' double wide char doesn't fit on line
hi NonText guifg=#404040 gui=none
hi NonText ctermfg=235 cterm=none
" the hit-enter prompt (show more output) and yes/no questions
hi Question guifg=fg gui=none
hi Question ctermfg=fg cterm=none
" meta and special keys used with map, unprintable characters
hi SpecialKey guifg=#404040
hi SpecialKey ctermfg=237
" titles for output from :set all, :autocmd, etc
hi Title guifg=#62bdde gui=none
hi Title ctermfg=74 cterm=none
"hi Title guifg=#5ec8e5 gui=none
" warning messages
hi WarningMsg guifg=#e5786d gui=none
hi WarningMsg ctermfg=173 cterm=none
" current match in the wildmenu completion
hi WildMenu guifg=#cae682 guibg=#363946 gui=bold,underline
hi WildMenu ctermfg=16 ctermbg=186 cterm=bold
" Diff
" ----
" added line
hi DiffAdd guifg=#80a090 guibg=#313c36 gui=none
hi DiffAdd ctermfg=108 ctermbg=22 cterm=none
" changed line
hi DiffChange guifg=NONE guibg=#4a343a gui=none
hi DiffChange ctermfg=fg ctermbg=52 cterm=none
" deleted line
hi DiffDelete guifg=#6c6661 guibg=#3c3631 gui=none
hi DiffDelete ctermfg=59 ctermbg=58 cterm=none
" changed text within line
hi DiffText guifg=#f05060 guibg=#4a343a gui=bold
hi DiffText ctermfg=203 ctermbg=52 cterm=bold
" Folds
" -----
" line used for closed folds
hi Folded guifg=#91d6f8 guibg=#363946 gui=none
hi Folded ctermfg=117 ctermbg=238 cterm=none
" column on side used to indicated open and closed folds
hi FoldColumn guifg=#91d6f8 guibg=#363946 gui=none
hi FoldColumn ctermfg=117 ctermbg=238 cterm=none
" Search
" ------
" highlight incremental search text; also highlight text replaced with :s///c
hi IncSearch guifg=#66ffff gui=reverse
hi IncSearch ctermfg=87 cterm=reverse
" hlsearch (last search pattern), also used for quickfix
hi Search guibg=#ffaa33 gui=none
hi Search ctermbg=214 cterm=none
" Popup Menu
" ----------
" normal item in popup
hi Pmenu guifg=#e0e0e0 guibg=#303840 gui=none
hi Pmenu ctermfg=253 ctermbg=233 cterm=none
" selected item in popup
hi PmenuSel guifg=#cae682 guibg=#505860 gui=none
hi PmenuSel ctermfg=186 ctermbg=237 cterm=none
" scrollbar in popup
hi PMenuSbar guibg=#505860 gui=none
hi PMenuSbar ctermbg=59 cterm=none
" thumb of the scrollbar in the popup
hi PMenuThumb guibg=#808890 gui=none
hi PMenuThumb ctermbg=102 cterm=none
" Status Line
" -----------
" status line for current window
hi StatusLine guifg=#e0e0e0 guibg=#363946 gui=bold
hi StatusLine ctermfg=254 ctermbg=237 cterm=bold
" status line for non-current windows
hi StatusLineNC guifg=#767986 guibg=#363946 gui=none
hi StatusLineNC ctermfg=244 ctermbg=237 cterm=none
" Tab Lines
" ---------
" tab pages line, not active tab page label
hi TabLine guifg=#b6bf98 guibg=#363946 gui=none
hi TabLine ctermfg=244 ctermbg=236 cterm=none
" tab pages line, where there are no labels
hi TabLineFill guifg=#cfcfaf guibg=#363946 gui=none
hi TabLineFill ctermfg=187 ctermbg=236 cterm=none
" tab pages line, active tab page label
hi TabLineSel guifg=#efefef guibg=#414658 gui=bold
hi TabLineSel ctermfg=254 ctermbg=236 cterm=bold
" Visual
" ------
" visual mode selection
hi Visual guifg=NONE guibg=#364458
hi Visual ctermfg=NONE ctermbg=24
" visual mode selection when vim is not owning the selection (x11 only)
hi VisualNOS guifg=fg gui=underline
hi VisualNOS ctermfg=fg cterm=underline
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