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The site is a list of Vim-like applications and Vim-emulation plugins. And this repository contains a bit of PHP code and a dumb database in JSON format behind the site.


If you wish to add a new item, edit data.json file. Prefer placing new items next to other items from the same category. Also please provide justification for something being Vim-like (e.g., with a link to documentation), so it's easier to check.


Each item is described by a dictionary like this:

    "name": "<< human-readable name >>",
    "id": "<< unique id for URL >>",
    "descr": "<< description >>",
    "url": "<< home page >>",
    "license": "<< license >>",
    "languages": [ "<< main language >>", "<< secondary language >>" ],
    "category": "<< e.g., 'Text Browsers' >>",
    "type": "<< apps / plugs / confs >>",
    "comments": [ "<< things like URL to a tutorial for making Vim-like >>" ],
    "ui": "<< terminal / graphics toolkit >>",
    "added": << UNIX timestamp of addition >>,
    "updated": << UNIX timestamp of a noticeable change >>,
    "state": {
        "name": "<< inactive / discontinued >>",
        "since": << UNIX timestamp of last observed maintenance activity >>,
        "comment": "<< things like reason for discontinuing the project >>"

Markdown is expanded in the values of descr, comments and state.comment. Mention id of another item in brackets to link to it.

"GPL" license means GPL of any version and "BSD-like" means any kind of BSD/MIT/X Consortium license. Might be worth fixing in the future.


Can create config.php in the root with something like:

$webRoot = '/vim';


On code: Apache 2.0

On data: CC BY-SA 4.0